850 Quotes About Prayer

  • "It is impossible to pray for someone without loving him, and impossible to go on praying for him without discovering that our love for him grows and matures."

    - John Stott
    Topics: Prayer

  • "To pray in the Holy Spirit simply means to lean upon His divine help as we pray."

    - William Thrasher
    Topics: Prayer, Holy Spirit

  • "The Christian will find his parentheses for prayer even in the busiest hours of life."

    - Richard Cecil
    Topics: Prayer

  • "To walk after the spirit a believer must inhibit his mind from revolving endlessly. If it turns too long around one topic, worries or grieves too much over matters, and ponders too intensively to know God's will, it may become unbearable and hamper its normal operation. The mind needs to be kept in a steady and secure state."

    - Watchman Nee
    Topics: Prayer, Grief

  • "God tolerates even our stammering, and pardons our ignorance whenever something inadvertently escapes us - as, indeed, without this mercy there would be no freedom to pray."

    - John Calvin
    Topics: Mercy, Prayer, Freedom

  • "Praying which does not result in pure conduct is a delusion. We have missed the whole office and virtue of praying if it does not rectify conduct. It is in the very nature of things that we must quit praying, or quit bad conduct."

    - E.M. Bounds
    Topics: Prayer, Sin

  • "The great thing in prayer is to feel that we are putting our supplications into the bosom of omnipotent love."

    - Andrew Murray
    Topics: God, Prayer, Love

  • "The best prayers have often more groans than words."

    - John Bunyan
    Topics: Prayer

  • "It is good for us to keep some account of our prayers, that we may not unsay them in our practice."

    - Matthew Henry
    Topics: Prayer

  • "Do not work so hard for Christ that you have no strength to pray, for prayer requires strength."

    - Hudson Taylor
    Topics: Prayer, Strength

  • "Prayer is a sincere, sensible, affectionate pouring out of the soul to God, through Christ, in the strength and assistance of the Spirit, for such things as God has promised."

    - John Bunyan
    Topics: Prayer, Holy Spirit

  • "Anything is a blessing which makes us pray."

    - Charles Spurgeon
    Topics: Blessings, Prayer

  • "God speaks through a variety of means. In the present God primarily speaks by the Holy Spirit, through the Bible, prayer, circumstances, and the church."

    - Henry Blackaby
    Topics: Holy Spirit, Prayer, The Bible

  • "Prayer is an effort of will."

    - Oswald Chambers
    Topics: Prayer

  • "A man must not stop listening any more than praying when he rises from his knees. No one questions the need of times of formal address to God, but few admit in any practical way the need of quiet waiting upon God, gazing into His face, feeling for His hand, listening for His voice."

    - Charles H. Brent
    Topics: Prayer, Patience, Waiting

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