223 Quotes About Grace

  • "We must not limit the mighty grace of God."

    - Dwight L. Moody
    Topics: Grace

  • "Grace will not suffer a vacuum, any more than nature."

    - Assorted Authors
    Topics: Grace, Nature

  • "We must never forget - if we are to grow in grace, and therefore grow like Christ - that the One we trust, love, and serve is a crucified Savior. To follow Him means taking up the cross, as well as denying ourselves. It means a crucified life."

    - Sinclair B. Ferguson
    Topics: Grace, The Cross

  • "Born, as all of us are by nature, an Arminian, I still believed the old things I had heard continually from the pulpit, and did not see the grace of God. When I was coming to Christ, I thought I was doing it all myself, and though I sought the Lord earnestly, I had no idea the Lord was seeking me."

    - Charles Spurgeon
    Topics: Grace

  • "Extraordinary afflictions are not always the punishment of extraordinary sins, but sometimes the trial of extraordinary graces. Sanctified afflictions are spiritual promotions."

    - Matthew Henry
    Topics: Grace, Affliction

  • "God is able to cause all things people do to us, even the bad things, to work together for our good (Rom. 8:28). That isn't to say that all things are good, but that God can orchestrate the evil into a symphony of glory."

    - Sam Storms
    Topics: Grace

  • "Grace, then, is grace,--that is to say, it is sovereign, it is free, it is sure, it is unconditional, and it is everlasting."

    - Alexander Whyte
    Topics: Grace

  • "If the Lord should bring a wicked man to heaven, heaven would be hell to him; for he who loves not grace upon earth will never love it in heaven."

    - Assorted Authors
    Topics: Heaven, Grace

  • "God's canopy is over you and will cover you at all times, preserving you from evil."

    - Smith Wigglesworth
    Topics: Grace

  • "Thou didst seek us when we sought Thee not; didst seek us indeed that we might seek Thee."

    - Augustine
    Topics: Grace

  • "There is an infinite distance between God and His creatures, and it is an act of sheer grace for Him to take notice of earthly things. Christ, as God, is completely self-sufficient in His own eternal blessedness. How great, then, is the glory of His self-humiliation in taking our nature that He might bring us to God! Such humiliation was not forced on Him; He freely chose to do it."

    - John Owen
    Topics: Grace, The Cross

  • "The best helps to growth in grace are the ill usage, the affronts, and the losses which befall us. We should receive them with all thankfulness, as preferable to all others, were it only on this account, -- that our will has no part therein."

    - John Wesley
    Topics: Grace, Affliction

  • "I saw myself standing outside a house looking in on a tremendous party with laughter and joy. The Lord tracked me down and found me. I was surprised by grace. I became an avid Bible reader and my initial doubts soon evaporated in the atmosphere of solid Bible exposition at the Christian Union."

    - J.I. Packer
    Topics: Grace

  • "Let us hear what the Bible says and what we as Christians are called to hear together: By grace you have been saved."

    - Karl Barth
    Topics: Grace, The Bible

  • "His purpose of grace in saving some does not say that he is willing to destroy any; it only says that, as he is not willing that any should perish, so he is resolved that all shall not get leave to destroy themselves; as all would do, if he did not catch hold of some, and pluck them as brands out of the burning fire, and his doing so says that none are destroyed by him, unless they destroy themselves."

    - Ralph Erskine
    Topics: Grace

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