51 Hannah More Quotes

  • "There are three requisites to the proper enjoyment of earthly blessings: a thankful reflection, on the goodness of the giver; a deep sense of our own unworthiness; and a recollection of the uncertainty of our long possessing them. The first will make us grateful; the second, humble; and the third, moderate."

    - Hannah More
    Topics: Gratitude, Humility

  • "If I wanted to punish an enemy it should be by fastening on him the trouble of constantly hating somebody."

    - Hannah More
    Topics: Hatred, Enemies

  • "There is one single fact which we may oppose to all the wit and argument of infidelity, namely, that no man ever repented of being a Christian on his death-bed."

    - Hannah More
    Topics: Christians, Death

  • "Idleness among children, as among men, is the root of all evil, and leads to no other evil more certain than ill temper."

    - Hannah More
    Topics: Children, Idleness, Idleness

  • "When you are disposed to be vain of your mental acquirements, look up to those who are more accomplished than yourself, that you may be fired with emulation; but when you feel dissatisfied with your circumstances, look down on those beneath you, that you may learn contentment."

    - Hannah More
    Topics: Contentment, Circumstances, Discontentment

  • "Adulation is the death of virtue. Who flatters, is, of all mankind, the lowest, save he who courts the flattery."

    - Hannah More
    Topics: Virtue

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