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  • "He who begins by seeking God within himself may end by confusing himself with God."

    - B.B. Warfield
    Topics: Self-love

  • "Agape is disinterested love. Agape does not begin by discriminating between worthy and unworthy people, or any qualities people possess. It begins by loving others for their sakes. Therefore, agape makes no distinction between friend and enemy; it is directed toward both."

    - Martin Luther King Jr.
    Topics: Love, Enemies

  • "We are obliged to love one another. We are not strictly bound to "like" one another."

    - Thomas Merton
    Topics: Love

  • "Love is the most liberating freedom-loss of all."

    - Tim Keller
    Topics: love

  • "We love others, we love everybody, we love our enemies, because He first loved us... And that is how the love of God melts down the unlovely heart in man, and begets in him the new creature, who is patient and humble and gentle and unselfish."

    - Henry Drummond
    Topics: Love

  • "I believe that life is given us so that we may grow in love, and I believe that God is in me as the sun is in the color and fragrance of a flower."

    - Helen Keller
    Topics: Love, Life

  • "Often it is hard. So hard, in fact, that Jesus' decree to love and pray for our opponents is regarded as one of the most breathtaking and gut-wrenching challenges of his entire Sermon on the Mount, a speech renowned for its outrageous claims. There was no record of any other spiritual leader ever having articulated such a clear-cut, unambiguous command for people to express compassion to those who are actively working against their best interests."

    - Lee Strobel
    Topics: Love, Prayer

  • "You can only afford to be generous if you actually have some money in the bank to give. In the same way, if your only source of love and meaning is your spouse, then anytime he or she fails you, it will not just cause grief but a psychological cataclysm. If, however, you know something of the work of the Spirit in your life, you have enough love 'in the bank' to be generous to your spouse even when you are not getting much affection or kindness at the moment."

    - Tim Keller
    Topics: holy spirit, isolation, love, marriage

  • "Power, no matter how well-intentioned, tends to cause suffering. Love, being vulnerable, absorbs it. In a point of convergence on a hill called Calvary, God renounced the one for the sake of the other."

    - Philip Yancey
    Topics: Power, Suffering, Love

  • "I want the love that cannot help but love; Loving, like God, for very sake of love."

    - A. B. Simpson
    Topics: Love

  • "Love always involves responsibility, and love always involves sacrifice. And we do not really love Christ unless we are prepared to face His task and to take up His Cross."

    - William Barclay
    Topics: Love, Responsibility

  • "I do verily believe that when God shall accomplish [unity], it will be the effect of love, and not the cause of love. It will proceed from love, before it brings forth love."

    - John Owen
    Topics: Unity, Love

  • "Nothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except true love."

    - Billy Graham
    Topics: Love, Marriage, Home

  • "The things that we love tell us what we are."

    - Thomas Aquinas
    Topics: Love

  • "Love feels no burden, regards not labors, strives toward more than it attains, argues not of impossibility, since it believes that it may and can do all things. Therefore it avails for all things, and fulfils and accomplishes much where one not a lover falls and lies helpless."

    - Thomas a Kempis
    Topics: Love

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