97 Quotes About Joy

  • "Since trifles make the sum of human things, and half our misery from our foibles springs; since life's best joys consist in peace and ease, and few can save or serve, but all may please: let the ungentle spirit learn from thence, a small unkindness is a great offense."

    - Hannah More
    Topics: Life, Joy

  • "No one can get Joy by merely asking for it. It is one of the ripest fruits of the Christian life, and, like all fruits, must be grown."

    - Henry Drummond
    Topics: Joy

  • "We need to discover all over again that worship is natural to the Christian, as it was to the godly Israelites who wrote the psalms, and that the habit of celebrating the greatness and graciousness of God yields an endless flow of thankfulness, joy, and zeal."

    - J.I. Packer
    Topics: Worship, Joy, Thankfulness

  • "Sometimes the joy which floods the soul overflows into the spirit, inducing the believer to think he is the happiest person in the world; at other times sorrow pervades and he becomes the most unhappy person. A soulish Christian frequently encounters such experiences."

    - Watchman Nee
    Topics: Happiness, Joy

  • "Oh, the joy of young ideas painted on the mind, in the warm, glowing colors fancy spreads on objects not yet known, when all is new and all is lovely!"

    - Hannah More
    Topics: Children, Youth, Joy

  • "The very nature of Joy makes nonsense of our common distinction between having and wanting."

    C.S. Lewis
    Topics: Contentment, Joy

  • "In this world, full often, our joys are only the tender shadows which our sorrows cast."

    - Henry Ward Beecher
    Topics: Suffering, Joy

  • "The Lord gives his people perpetual joy when they walk in obedience to him."

    - Dwight L. Moody
    Topics: Joy

  • "He who searches for Divine Reality with all his heart and soul and finds it, becomes aware that, before he began to seek God, God was seeking him, in order to draw him into the joy of fellowship with Him, into the peace of His Presence."

    - Sadhu Sundar Singh
    Topics: Joy, Peace

  • "He that hath so many and great causes of joy, and yet is in love with sorrow and peevishness, deserves to starve in the midst of plenty, and to want comfort, while he is encircled with blessings."

    - Jeremy Taylor
    Topics: Blessings, Comfort, Joy

  • "If you have no joy, there's a leak in your Christianity somewhere."

    - Billy Sunday
    Topics: Joy

  • "We are to be re-made. All the rabbit in us is to disappear-and then, surprisingly, we shall find underneath it all a thing we have never yet imagined: a real Man, an ageless god, a son of God, strong, radiant, wise, beautiful, and drenched in joy."

    C.S. Lewis
    Topics: Conversion, Beauty, Joy

  • "Do not let the empty cup be your first teacher of the blessings you had when it was full. Do not let a bard place here and there in the bed destroy your rest. Seek, as a plain duty, to cultivate a buoyant, joyous sense of the crowded kindnesses of God in your daily life."

    - Alexander MacLaren
    Topics: Joy

  • "Joy is the serious business of Heaven."

    C.S. Lewis
    Topics: Heaven, Joy

  • "The essence of loving living as a follower of Jesus isn't in trying harder but in enjoying more. I'm not saying you can change without trying. I'm saying that enjoyment empowers effort. Pleasure in God is the power for purity."

    - Sam Storms
    Topics: Joy

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