74 James H. Aughey Quotes

  • "Happiness and comfort stream immediately from God himself, as light issues from the sun; and sometimes looks and darts itself into the meanest corners, while it forbears to visit the largest and the noblest rooms."

    - James H. Aughey
    Topics: Happiness, Comfort

  • "Sensual pleasures are like soap-bubbles, sparkling, evanescent. The pleasures of intellect are calm, beautiful, sublime, ever enduring and climbing upward to the borders of the unseen world."

    - James H. Aughey
    Topics: Lust, Beauty

  • "Great things are not accomplished by idle dreams, but by years of patient study."

    - James H. Aughey
    Topics: Patience

  • "Happiness without peace is temporal; peace along with happiness is eternal."

    - James H. Aughey
    Topics: Happiness, Peace

  • "All our murmurings are so many arrows shot at God Himself, and they will return upon our own hearts; they reach not Him, but they will hit us; they hurt not Him, but they will wound us; therefore it is better to be mute than to murmur; it is dangerous to provoke a consuming fire."

    - James H. Aughey
    Topics: Rebellion

  • "It is a high, solemn, almost awful thought for every individual man, that his earthly influence, which has a commencement, will never, through all ages, have an end."

    - James H. Aughey
    Topics: Life, Eternity

  • "No books are so legible as the lives of men; no character so plain as their moral conduct."

    - James H. Aughey
    Topics: Morality, Men

  • "Ye do well to remember that habitual affectionate communion with God, asking Him for all good which is needed, praising Him for all that is received, and trusting Him for future supplies, prevents anxious cares, inspires peace, calmness and composure, and furnishes a delight surpassing all finite comprehension."

    - James H. Aughey
    Topics: Faith, Prayer

  • "Cheerfulness sharpens the edge and removes the rust from the mind. A joyous heart supplies oil to our inward machinery, and makes the whole of our powers work with ease and efficiency; hence it is of the utmost importance that we maintain a contented, cheerful, genial disposition."

    - James H. Aughey
    Topics: Character, Cheerfulness

  • "God strikes not as an enemy, to destroy; but as a father, to correct."

    - James H. Aughey
    Topics: God, Fathers

  • "Open your heart to sympathy, but close it against despondency. The flower which opens to receive the dew shuts against the rain."

    - James H. Aughey
    Topics: Encouragement, The Heart

  • "In the Church of Christ one little worker can mar the whole by failing to fulfill his office. There is a place for each. Find your place if you are not already in it, and obey the Savior

  • "Christ is the Good Physician. There is no disease He cannot heal; no sin He cannot remove; no trouble He cannot help. He is the Balm of Gilead, the Great Physician who has never yet failed to heal all the spiritual maladies of every soul that has come unto Him in faith and prayer."

    - James H. Aughey
    Topics: Christ, Healing

  • "There is no man that goeth to heaven but he must go by the cross. The cross is the standing way-mark which all they that go to glory must pass by."

    - James H. Aughey
    Topics: Heaven, The Cross

  • "It unfortunately happens that no man believes that he is likely to die soon. So everyone is much disposed to defer the consideration of what ought to be done on the supposition of such an emergency; and while nothing is so uncertain as human life, so nothing is so certain as our assurance that we shall survive most of our neighbors."

    - James H. Aughey
    Topics: Death, Health

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