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The more you say, the less people remember. The fewer the words, the greater the profit.
- Francois Fenelon
All earthly delights are sweeter in expectation than in enjoyment; but all spiritual pleasures more in fruition than in expectation.
- Francois Fenelon
If all the crowns of Europe were placed at my disposal on condition that I should abandon my books and studies, I should spurn the crowns away and stand by the books.
- Francois Fenelon
Nothing will make us so charitable and tender to the faults of others, as, by self-examination, thoroughly to know our own.
- Francois Fenelon
A good historian is timeless; although he is a patriot, he will never flatter his country in any respect.
- Francois Fenelon
I would have every minister of the Gospel address his audience with the zeal of a friend, with the generous energy of a father, and with the exuberant affection of a mother.
- Francois Fenelon
Let us pray God that he would root out of our hearts everything of our own planting and set out there, with his own hand, the tree of life bearing all manner of fruits.
- Francois Fenelon
So long as we are full of self we are shocked at the faults of others. Let us think often of our own sin, and we shall be lenient to the sins of others.
- Francois Fenelon
To be content with even the best people, we must be contented with little and bear a great deal. Those who are most perfect have many imperfections, and we have great faults; between the two, mutual toleration becomes very difficult.
- Francois Fenelon
Never let us be discouraged with ourselves. It is not when we are conscious of our faults that we are the most wicked; on the contrary, we are less so. We see by a brighter light; and let us remember for our consolation, that we never perceive our sins till we begin to cure them.
- Francois Fenelon
Good taste rejects excessive nicety; it treats little things as little things, and is not hurt by them.
- Francois Fenelon
Speak, move, act in peace, as if you were in prayer. In truth, this is prayer.
- Francois Fenelon
Genuine good taste consists in saying much in few words, in choosing among our thoughts, in having order and arrangement in what we say, and in speaking with composure.
- Francois Fenelon
There is no real elevation of mind in a contempt of little things. It is, on the contrary, from too narrow views that we consider those things of little importance, which have, in fact, such extensive consequences.
- Francois Fenelon
It is this unquiet self-love that renders us so sensitive. The sick man, who sleeps ill, thinks the night long. We exaggerate, from cowardice, all the evils which we encounter; they are great, but our sensibility increases them.
- Francois Fenelon
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