51 Quotes About Relationships

  • "Two things we want so desperately, glory and relationship, can coexist only in God."

    - Tim Keller
    Topics: glory, relationships

  • "We each ought to take heed that our boldness to talk to others about problems with the boss or pastor or spouse is not just a pretense for self righteousness, pride and dishonour."

    - Francis Frangipane
    Topics: Relationships

  • "Aloneness can lead to loneliness. God's preventative for loneliness is intimacy - meaningful, open, sharing relationships with one another. In Christ we have the capacity for the fulfilling sense of belonging which comes from intimate fellowship with God and with other believers."

    - Neil T. Anderson
    Topics: Fellowship, Relationships

  • "The very attempt to be like our dearest Lord is already a well-spring of sweetness within us, flowing with an easy grace over all who come within our reach."

    - Frederick W. Faber
    Topics: Relationships

  • "To the degree you experience God's love towards you - seeing you as beautiful and radiant - to that degree sex won't ruin your life."

    - Tim Keller
    Topics: relationships, sex, spirituality

  • "Both men and women today see marriage not as a way of creating character and community but as a way to reach personal life goals. They are looking for a marriage partner who will 'fulfill their emotional, sexual, and spiritual desires.' And that creates an extreme idealism that in turn leads to a deep pessimism that you will ever find the right person to marry."

    - Tim Keller
    Topics: fulfillment, love, marriage, relationships

  • "There's something like radar inside the human heart that senses the displeasure of others. Displeasure and ingratitude are like a repellant to human relationships."

    - Francis Frangipane
    Topics: Relationships

  • "First John 3:16 shows that true love is climaxed by our being willing to lay down our lives for fellow believers."

    - Theodore Epp
    Topics: Love, Relationships, Sacrifice

  • "If you forget me, one of the ways I remember who I am will be gone. If you forget me, part of who I am will be gone."

    - Frederick Buechner
    Topics: Relationships

  • "Love your neighbors through thick and thin... Don't seek to please them, but to please your Master; and remember, if they spurn your love, your Master has not spurned it, and your deed is acceptable to Him as if it had been acceptable to them."

    - Charles Spurgeon
    Topics: Relationships

  • "It is vain for us to pray while conscious that we have injured another. Let us first make amends to the injured one before we dare approach God at either the private or the public altar."

    - Jonathan Goforth
    Topics: Relationships, Forgiveness

  • "Our society is filled with runaways, dropouts, and quitters. The epidemic of walking away has hit our land with effects as devastating as the bubonic plague, and it has destroyed millions of effective lives and relationships. We are so self-centered that we have ceased to lay down our lives for others. We have seen others faint or walk away and we have followed in their weakness. We have fainted when we could have persevered by exchanging our strength for His! With His strength, not only could we have kept on walking, we could have run!"

    - Kay Arthur
    Topics: Relationships, Selfishness, Weakness

  • "We should take heed with whom we join in league and amity. Before we plant our affections, consider the persons what they are; if we see any signs of grace, then it is good; but if not there will be a rent. Throughout our whole life this ought to be our rule; we should labor in all company either to do good or receive good; and where we can neither do nor receive good we should avoid such acquaintance. Let men therefore consider and take heed how they stand in combination with any wicked persons."

    - Richard Sibbes
    Topics: Relationships

  • "But depend on it, bad company in this life, is the sure way to procure worse company in the life to come."

    - J. C. Ryle
    Topics: Relationships

  • "Loving the world destroys our relationship with God, it denies our faith in God, and it discounts our future with God."

    - David Jeremiah
    Topics: Apathy, The Future, Relationships

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