51 Quotes About Relationships

  • "On the most elementary level, you do not have to go to church to be a Christian. You do not have to go home to be married either. But in both cases if you do not, you will have a very poor relationship."

    - R. Kent Hughes
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  • "Learning how to love your neighbor requires a willingness to draw on the strength of Jesus Christ as you die to self and live for Him. Living in this manner allows you to practice biblical love for others in spite of adverse circumstances or your feelings to the contrary."

    - John C. Broger
    Topics: Relationships, Love, Feelings

  • "Doctrinal rightness and rightness of ecclesiastical position are important, but only as a starting point to go on into a living relationship - and not as ends in themselves."

    - Francis Schaeffer
    Topics: Scripture, Relationships

  • "Love is commitment; love is a relationship that never gives up."

    - Jerry Falwell
    Topics: Love, Commitment, Relationships

  • "To be loved by God is the highest relationship, the highest achievement, and the highest position in life."

    - Henry Blackaby
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  • "Falling in love in a Christian way is to say, 'I am excited about your future and I want to be part of getting you there. I'm signing up for the journey with you. Would you sign up for the journey to my true self with me? It's going to be hard but I want to get there."

    - Tim Keller
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  • "The early church was strikingly different from the culture around it in this way - the pagan society was stingy with its money and promiscuous with its body. A pagan gave nobody their money and practically gave everybody their body. And the Christians came along and gave practically nobody their body and they gave practically everybody their money."

    - Tim Keller
    Topics: Christianity, early-church, money, relationships, sex

  • "Okay, here's how to do relationships - be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God, in Christ, also has forgiven you."

    - Chip Ingram
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  • "People who have good relationships at home are more effective in the marketplace."

    - Zig Ziglar
    Topics: Family, Home, Relationships

  • "Countless mistakes in marriage, parenting, ministry, and other relationships are failures to balance grace and truth. Sometimes we neglect both. Often we choose one over the other."

    - Randy Alcorn
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  • "Men, you'll never be a good groom to your wife unless you're first a good bride to Jesus."

    - Tim Keller
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  • "Over-sensitivity is another trait at which generally marks the soulish. Very difficult are they to live with because they interpret every move around them as aimed at them. When neglected they become angry. When they suspect changing attitudes towards them, they are hurt. They easily become intimate with people, for they literally thrive on such affection. They exhibit the sentiment of inseparability. A slight change in such a relationship will give their soul unutterable pains. And thus these people are deceived into thinking they are suffering for the Lord."

    - Watchman Nee
    Topics: Ignorance, Hurt, Relationships

  • "The true secret in giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not and never persist in trying to set people right."

    - Hannah Whitall Smith
    Topics: Relationships

  • "There are some men and some women in whose company we are always at our best. While with them we cannot think mean thoughts or speak ungenerous words. Their mere presence is elevation, purification, sanctity. All the best stops in our nature are drawn out by their intercourse, and we find a music in our souls that was never there before."

    - Henry Drummond
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  • "God is more interested in your future and your relationships than you are."

    - Billy Graham
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