41 Quotes About Encouragement

  • "It was well done of Paul to reprove Peter to his face, and it was well done of Peter, to praise Paul in his absence."

    - Thomas Adams
    Topics: Encouragement

  • "We are invincible in Christ!"

    - Crystal McDowell
    Topics: Encouragement

  • "If thou wouldst please the ladies, thou must endeavor to make them pleased with themselves."

    - Thomas Fuller
    Topics: Encouragement

  • "If instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend that would be giving as the angels give."

    - George Macdonald
    Topics: Encouragement

  • "The tear that is wiped with a little address may be followed, perhaps, by a smile."

    - William Cowper
    Topics: Encouragement

  • "Your greatest pleasure is that which rebounds from hearts that you have made glad."

    - Henry Ward Beecher
    Topics: Encouragement

  • "Discernment is God's call to intercession, never to faultfinding."

    - Corrie Ten Boom
    Topics: Encouragement, Intercession, Discernment

  • "A desire to be observed, considered, esteemed, praised, beloved, and admired by his fellows is one of the earliest as well as the keenest dispositions discovered in the heart of man."

    - John Quincy Adams
    Topics: Encouragement, The Heart

  • "Good words are worth much, and cost little."

    - George Herbert
    Topics: Encouragement

  • "If there be, therefore, perpetual failure in your life, it cannot arise from any weakness or impotence in the Mighty God; but from some failure on your part. That failure may probably be discovered in one of three hiding places--imperfect surrender, deficient faith; or neglected communion. But when the intention of the soul is right with God, without doubt He will save."

    - F.B. Meyer
    Topics: Encouragement, Surrender, Failure

  • "What a noble gift it is, the power of playing upon the souls and wills of men, and rousing them to lofty purposes and holy deeds."

    - Henry Drummond
    Topics: Encouragement

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