97 Quotes About Marriage

  • "When Eve was brought unto Adam, he became filled with the Holy Spirit, and gave her the most sanctified, the most glorious of appellations. He called her Eva, that is to say, the Mother of All. He did not style her wife, but simply mother, mother of all living creatures. In this consists the glory and the most precious ornament of woman."

    - Martin Luther
    Topics: Marriage, Mothers, Sanctification

  • "What keeps the marriage going is your commitment to your spouse's holiness."

    - Tim Keller
    Topics: Gospel, marriage

  • "In Ephesians 5, Paul shows us that even on earth Jesus did not use his power to oppress us but sacrificed everything to bring us into union with him. And this takes us beyond the philosophical to the personal and the practical. If God had the Gospel of Jesus' salvation in mind when he established marriage, then marriage only 'works' to the degree that approximates the pattern of God's self-giving love in Christ."

    - Tim Keller
    Topics: Jesus, love, marriage, sacrifice

  • "If you treat your wife like a thoroughbred, you'll never end up with a nag."

    - Zig Ziglar
    Topics: Marriage

  • "Deceive not thyself by overexpecting happiness in the married estate. Remember the nightingales which sing only some months in the spring, but commonly are silent when they have hatched their eggs."

    - Thomas Fuller
    Topics: Marriage

  • "Sex appeal alone is the poorest basis in the world for a happy marriage."

    - John R. Rice
    Topics: Marriage

  • "Marriage is an exclusive union between one man and one woman, publicly acknowledged, permanently sealed, and physically consummated."

    - Assorted Authors
    Topics: Marriage

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