52 Quotes About Light

  • "To secure one's freedom the Christian must experience God's light which is God's truth."

    - Watchman Nee
    Topics: Truth, Light

  • "We are indeed the light of the world--but only if our switch is turned on."

    - John Hagee
    Topics: Christians, Light

  • "It's not necessary to blow out your neighbor's light to let your own shine."

    - M.R. DeHaan
    Topics: Light

  • "Imperfection is the prerequisite for grace. Light only gets in through the cracks."

    - Philip Yancey
    Topics: Grace, Light

  • "Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light."

    - Helen Keller
    Topics: Faith, Strength, Light

  • "There are many who stumble in the noon-day, not for want of light, but for want of eyes."

    - John Newton
    Topics: Apathy, Light

  • "The devil abhors light and truth because these remove the ground of his working."

    - Watchman Nee
    Topics: Satan, Truth, Light

  • "Genius without religion is only a lamp on the outer gate of a palace; it may serve to cast a gleam of light on those that are without, while the inhabitant sits in darkness."

    - Hannah More
    Topics: Religion, Light

  • "In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present."

    - Francis Bacon
    Topics: Holy Spirit, Light

  • "Christ cannot light a single spark in the heart of an individual, without that little tiny spark being for God. He gives the light, and has ordained that every ray of it is to reflect something for God."

    - G.V. Wigram
    Topics: Light

  • "A beam of God's countenance is enough to fill the heart of a believer to overflowing. It is enough to light up the pale cheek of a dying saint with seraphic brightness, and make the heart of the lone widow sing for joy."

    - Robert Murray McCheyne
    Topics: Light

  • "If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it."

    - Thomas Fuller
    Topics: Wisdom, Light, Knowledge

  • "The fundamental principle of Christianity is to be what God is, and he is light."

    - John Hagee
    Topics: Christianity, Light

  • "If you have only a little ray of light, show out distinctly that you are for Him."

    - G.V. Wigram
    Topics: Light

  • "We are to order our lives by the light of His Law, not by our guesses about His plan."

    - J.I. Packer
    Topics: Holiness, Light

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