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Prayer puts God's work in his hands-and keeps it there.
- E.M. Bounds
Why grow we weary when asked to watch with our Lord? Up, sluggish heart, Jesus calls thee! Rise and go forth to meet the Heavenly Friend in the place where He manifests Himself.
- E.M. Bounds
The possibilities of prayer are found in its allying itself with the purposes of God, for God's purposes and man's praying are the combination of all potent and omnipotent forces.
- E.M. Bounds
Private place and plenty of time are the life of prayer.
- E.M. Bounds
Public prayers are of little worth unless they are founded on or followed up by private praying.
- E.M. Bounds
Men are God's method. The church is looking for better methods; God is looking for better men.
- E.M. Bounds
The story of every great Christian achievement is the history of answered prayer.
- E.M. Bounds
The soul which has come into intimate contact with God in the silence of the prayer chamber is never out of conscious touch with the Father; the heart is always going out to Him in loving communion, and the moment the mind is released from the task upon which it is engaged, it returns as naturally to God as the bird does to its nest.
- E.M. Bounds
We can never know God as it is our privilege to know Him by brief repetitions that are requests for personal favors, and nothing more.
- E.M. Bounds
Natural ability and educational advantages do not figure as factors in this matter of prayer; but a capacity for faith, the power of a thorough consecration, the ability of self-littleness, an absolute losing of one's self in God's glory and an ever present and insatiable yearning and seeking after all the fullness of God.
- E.M. Bounds
Prayer, in one phase of its operation, is a disinfectant and a preventive. It purifies the air; it destroys the contagion of evil.
- E.M. Bounds
The central significance of prayer is not in the things that happen as results, but in the deepening intimacy and unhurried communion with God at His central throne of control in order to discover a sense of God's need in order to call on God's help to meet that need.
- E.M. Bounds
We can do nothing without prayer. All things can be done by importunate prayer. It surmounts or removes all obstacles, overcomes every resisting force and gains its ends in the face of invincible hindrances.
- E.M. Bounds
Prayer is our most formidable weapon, the thing which makes all else we do efficient.
- E.M. Bounds
Love is kindled in a flame, and ardency is its life. Flame is the air which true Christian experience breathes. It feeds on fire; it can withstand anything rather than a feeble flame; but when the surrounding atmosphere is frigid or lukewarm, it dies, chilled and starved to its vitals. True prayer must be aflame.
- E.M. Bounds
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