67 Quotes About Ignorance

  • "Ignorance of the law excuses no man; not that all men know the law, but because it is an excuse every man will plead, and no man can tell how to confute him."

    - John Selden
    Topics: Ignorance

  • "Indeed, man wishes to be happy even when he so lives as to make happiness impossible."

    - Augustine
    Topics: Happiness, Ignorance

  • "We have all forgot more than we remember."

    - Thomas Fuller
    Topics: Ignorance

  • "We must make up our minds to be ignorant of much, if we would know anything."

    - John Henry Newman
    Topics: Ignorance, Truth

  • "It isn't that they can't see the solution. It is that they can't see the problem."

    - G.K. Chesterton
    Topics: Ignorance

  • "If I am walking along the street with a very disfiguring hole in the back of my dress, of which I am in ignorance, it is certainly a very great comfort to me to have a kind friend who will tell me of it. And similarly it is indeed a comfort to know that there is always abiding with me a divine, all-seeing Comforter, who will reprove me for all my faults, and will not let me go on in a fatal unconsciousness of them."

    - Hannah Whitall Smith
    Topics: Ignorance, Comfort, Discipline

  • "Hasty conclusions are the mark of a fool; a wise man doubteth; a fool rageth and is confident; the novice saith, "I am sure that it is so"; the better learned answers, "Peradventure, it may be so; but, I pray thee, inquire.""

    - Jeremy Taylor
    Topics: Ignorance, Doubt, Foolishness

  • "There is no excuse for falling into delusion, which is so contrary to the Word of God."

    - Dave Hunt
    Topics: Scripture, Ignorance

  • "Over-sensitivity is another trait at which generally marks the soulish. Very difficult are they to live with because they interpret every move around them as aimed at them. When neglected they become angry. When they suspect changing attitudes towards them, they are hurt. They easily become intimate with people, for they literally thrive on such affection. They exhibit the sentiment of inseparability. A slight change in such a relationship will give their soul unutterable pains. And thus these people are deceived into thinking they are suffering for the Lord."

    - Watchman Nee
    Topics: Ignorance, Hurt, Relationships

  • "Never before has the world been so desperately asking for answers to crucial questions, and never before has the world been so frantically committed to the idea that no answers are possible."

    - Edmund Clowney
    Topics: Ignorance

  • "I was like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me."

    - Isaac Newton
    Topics: Ignorance

  • "Impartiality is a pompous name for indifference, which is an elegant name for ignorance."

    - G.K. Chesterton
    Topics: Ignorance

  • "Zeal without knowledge is fire without light."

    - Thomas Fuller
    Topics: Ignorance, Knowledge, Zeal

  • "Knowledge of the sciences is so much smoke apart from the heavenly science of Christ."

    - John Calvin
    Topics: Education, Ignorance

  • "The Gospel having spread itself into Persia, the pagan priests, who worshipped the sun, were greatly alarmed, and dreaded the loss of that influence they had hitherto maintained over the people's minds and properties."

    - John Foxe
    Topics: Persecution, Ignorance

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