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Fervent seeking after God with the whole heart, without which no one can know Him, has always been the mark of His true followers.
- Dave Hunt
Worship is not a repetitious exercise of rituals and formulas. These create a veil that actually prevents us from enjoying the presence of the Lord. Worship is the heart poured out in gratitude and awe, expressing our appreciation of who He is and what He has done for us by His grace through Jesus Christ.
- Dave Hunt
That the sinless Son of God must die upon the Cross to redeem us shouldn't make us feel good about ourselves but ashamed, for it was our sins that nailed Him there.
- Dave Hunt
There is a place deep inside where the real person guards his secret thoughts and true intentions. Solomon warns his son that what a man says is often a deceit to hide what he really is inside.
- Dave Hunt
Those who claim to be Christians, yet who need some special "deliverance ministry" or "recovery program" to keep their behavior in line with what Christ has commanded, either don't know Him or do not love Him as they ought.
- Dave Hunt
The average person who claims to believe in God (as does the vast majority in America) is too preoccupied with himself to give God much time or serious thought.
- Dave Hunt
If loving God with one's whole being is the greatest commandment, then not to do so must be the greatest sin--indeed, the root of all sin.
- Dave Hunt
Atheism has become a major threat to the church. New Atheists tend to be articulate and belligerent. They are aggressively engaging in "atheist evangelism," determined to stamp out every vestige of belief in God, which they insist is not only "stupid" but "wicked."
- Dave Hunt
Has life become so filled with efforts to cover every financial contingency, to realize one's full earthly potential, and finally to retire comfortably, that without realizing it we are finding our hope in this world rather than in God?
- Dave Hunt
To attempt to pay for salvation with church membership, prayers, or good deeds is an insult to Christ, who paid the full price--and is a rejection of the gift of God's grace.
- Dave Hunt
The key to our lives as Christians today is how clearly we "see" by faith the resurrected Christ.
- Dave Hunt
The only "Scripture" most of today's uncertain souls know is an emasculated, paraphrased "Bible," rewritten to eliminate conviction of sin and catering to the rebellion of those who insist upon having the gospel modified to suit their unbelief. God will not accommodate their rebellion!
- Dave Hunt
For God to forgive sinners without the full penalty being paid would contradict His justice and make Him our partner in evil. Christ fully paid that penalty for our sins--but the pardon must be willingly and gladly received. God will not force anyone into heaven.
- Dave Hunt
How important that we revel in and understand and experience the love of God and, in the power and assurance of that love, declare it to the world.
- Dave Hunt
In Christ alone, and His payment of the penalty for our sins upon the Cross, we find reconciliation to God and ultimate meaning and purpose.
- Dave Hunt
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