91 Quotes About Temptation

  • "Temptation usually comes in through a door that has deliberately been left open."

    - Assorted Authors
    Topics: Sin, Temptation

  • "Temptations are like tramps. Treat them kindly, and they will return bringing others with them."

    - Dwight L. Moody
    Topics: Temptation

  • "Do not resent temptation; do not be perplexed because it seems to thicken round you more and more, and ceases neither for effort nor for agony nor prayer. That is your practice. That is the practice which God appoints you; and it is having its work in making you patient, and humble, and generous, and unselfish, and kind, and courteous."

    - Henry Drummond
    Topics: Temptation

  • "Sonship is a thing which all the infirmities of our flesh, and all the sins into which we are hurried by temptation, can never violate or weaken."

    - Charles Spurgeon
    Topics: Temptation

  • "Ahab cast a covetous eye at Naboth's vineyard, David a lustful eye at Bathsheba. The eye is the pulse of the soul; as physicians judge of the heart by the pulse, so we by the eye; a rolling eye, a roving heart. The good eye keeps minute time, and strikes when it should; the lustful, crochet-time, and so puts all out of tune."

    - Thomas Adams
    Topics: Jealousy, Lust, Temptation

  • "Satan gives Adam an apple, and takes away Paradise. Therefore in all temptations let us consider not what he offers, but what we shall lose."

    - Richard Sibbes
    Topics: Temptation

  • "Steadfastness in believing doth not exclude all temptations from without. When we say a tree is firmly rooted, we do not say the wind never blows upon it."

    - John Owen
    Topics: Temptation, Believing

  • "Whatever your heart clings to and confides in, that is really your God."

    - Martin Luther
    Topics: Sin, Temptation

  • "The essence of temptation is the invitation to live independently of God."

    - Neil T. Anderson
    Topics: Temptation

  • "The temptation once yielded to gains power. The crack in the embankment which lets a drop or two ooze through is soon a hole which lets out a flood."

    - Alexander MacLaren
    Topics: Temptation

  • "At the moment of temptation, sin and righteousness are both very near the Christian; but, of the two, the latter is the nearer. Those alone labor effectively among men who impetuously fling themselves upward towards God."

    - Charles H. Brent
    Topics: Temptation, Sin, Righteousness

  • "Satan doth not tempt God's children because they have sin in them, but because they have grace in them. Had they no grace, the devil would not disturb them... Though to be tempted is a trouble, yet to think why you are tempted is a comfort."

    - Thomas Watson
    Topics: Satan, Temptation, Sin

  • "Only he who flings himself upward when the pull comes to drag him down can hope to break the force of temptation. Temptation may be an invitation to hell, but much more is it an opportunity to reach heaven."

    - Charles H. Brent
    Topics: Temptation

  • "Temptations are a file which rub off much of the rust of our self-confidence."

    - Francois Fenelon
    Topics: Temptation, Self-confidence

  • "It is not a sin to be tempted."

    - Rick Warren
    Topics: Temptation

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