94 Quotes About Justice

  • "Law, without force, is impotent."

    - Blaise Pascal
    Topics: Justice

  • "Justice is for those who deserve it; mercy is for those who don't."

    - Woodrow Kroll
    Topics: Justice, Mercy

  • "Ravenous birds and the standards of the Roman army, ready to devour a people, reprobated and given up, as a dead carcass, by Providence."

    - Assorted Authors
    Topics: Justice, Providence

  • "The day of judgment will be a day when the skeletons come out of the closets! And each of us will be standing there to face the record."

    - Adrian Rogers
    Topics: Justice

  • "The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood."

    - Martin Luther King Jr.
    Topics: Justice, Discipline

  • "Never, never will we desist till we extinguish every trace of this bloody traffic, of which our posterity, looking back to the history of these enlightened times will scarce believe that it has been suffered to exist so long a disgrace and dishonor to this country."

    - William Wilberforce
    Topics: Justice, Perseverance

  • "Equity in law is the same that the spirit is in religion, what everyone pleases to make it: sometimes they go according to conscience, sometimes according to law, sometimes according to the rule of court."

    - John Selden
    Topics: Justice

  • "Justice is a certain rectitude of mind whereby a man does what he ought to do in the circumstances confronting him."

    - Thomas Aquinas
    Topics: Justice, Circumstances

  • "That old law about 'an eye for an eye' leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing."

    - Martin Luther King Jr.
    Topics: Justice

  • "God in his infinite mercy has devised a way by which justice can be satisfied, and yet mercy can be triumphant. Jesus Christ, the only begotten of the Father, took upon himself the form of man, and offered unto Divine Justice that which was accepted as an equivalent for the punishment due to all his people."

    - Charles Spurgeon
    Topics: Justice, Mercy

  • "Mercy, detached from Justice, grows unmerciful."

    C.S. Lewis
    Topics: Mercy, Justice

  • "Justice is always violent to the party offending, for every man is innocent in his own eyes."

    - Assorted Authors
    Topics: Justice

  • "We visit prisoners on death row, and some of them are saved, but we believe their sentences should be carried out because they have a debt to society."

    - Jerry Falwell
    Topics: Justice

  • "To go to law is for two persons to kindle a fire, at their own cost, to warm others and singe themselves to cinders; and because they cannot agree as to what is truth and equity, they will both agree to unplume themselves that others may be decorated with their feathers."

    - Owen Feltham
    Topics: Justice, Truth

  • "God puts Christ's enemies as a footstool beneath His feet, for their salvation as well as their destruction."

    - Origen
    Topics: Justice

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