Quotes About Gratitude

  • "For every bad there might be a worse; and when one breaks his leg let him be thankful it was not his neck."

    - Joseph Hall
    Topics: Gratitude

  • "Every single one of us as Americans need to remember that freedom did not come free, as we get on our knees tonight, thank God we live in a country where people are trying to break into, and not a country people are trying to break out of."

    - Mike Huckabee
    Topics: Prayer, Gratitude, America

  • "Next to ingratitude the most painful thing to bear is gratitude."

    - Henry Ward Beecher
    Topics: Pride, Gratitude

  • "Our God is not made of stone. His heart is the most sensitive and tender of all. No act goes unnoticed, no matter how insignificant or small. A cup of cold water is enough to put tears in the eyes of God. God celebrates our feeble expressions of gratitude."

    - Richard J. Foster
    Topics: God, Gratitude

  • "When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude."

    - G.K. Chesterton
    Topics: Life, Gratitude

  • "To trust God when we have securities in our iron chest is easy, but not thankworthy; but to depend on him for what we cannot see, as it is more hard for man to do, so it is more acceptable to God."

    - Owen Feltham
    Topics: Gratitude, Trust

  • "The greatest saint in the world is not he who prays most or fasts most; it is not he who gives alms, or is most eminent for temperance, chastity or justice. It is he who is most thankful to God."

    - William Law
    Topics: Gratitude, Fasting

  • "That the Father and Son would love sinners that much is beyond our comprehension--but it ought to awaken a response of love and gratitude within our hearts that will change our lives forever!"

    - Dave Hunt
    Topics: Gratitude, Change

  • "He that hath deserved hanging may be glad to escape with a whipping."

    - Thomas Brooks
    Topics: Mercy, Gratitude

  • "Thanksgiving comes after Christmas."

    - Assorted Authors
    Topics: Gratitude, Thankfulness

  • "The Pyramids themselves, doting with age, have forgotten the names of their founders."

    - Thomas Fuller
    Topics: Gratitude

  • "He must be worse than an infidel that lacks faith and more than wicked that has not gratitude enough to acknowledge his obligation."

    - George Washington
    Topics: Faith, Gratitude

  • "If we comprehend what Christ has done for us, then surely out of gratitude we will strive to live 'worthy' of such great love. We will strive for holiness not to make God love us but because He already does."

    - Phillips Brooks
    Topics: Gratitude, Holiness

  • "Let your children be as so many flowers, borrowed from God. If the flowers die or wither, thank God for a summer loan of them."

    - Samuel Rutherford
    Topics: Contentment, Gratitude

  • "Gratitude to God makes even a temporal blessing a taste of heaven."

    - Assorted Authors
    Topics: Gratitude, Heaven

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