12 Quotes About Excellence

  • "We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started."

    - Henry Ward Beecher
    Topics: Success, Excellence

  • "If a task is worthy of our attention, it is worthy of our best."

    - Jack Hyles
    Topics: Excellence

  • "The secret of living a life of excellence is merely a matter of thinking thoughts of excellence. Really, it's a matter of programming our minds with the kind of information that will set us free."

    - Chuck Swindoll
    Topics: Life, Achievement, Excellence

  • "It is the characteristic excellence of the strong man that he can bring momentous issues to the fore and make a decision about them. The weak are always forced to decide between alternatives they have not chosen themselves."

    - Dietrich Bonhoeffer
    Topics: Character, Excellence

  • "Greatness is in the preparation, not in the performance."

    - Jack Hyles
    Topics: Excellence

  • "So live that when you find yourself, you will still be qualified to be yourself."

    - Jack Hyles
    Topics: Excellence

  • "In some dispositions there is such an envious kind of pride that they cannot endure that any but themselves should be set forth for excellent; so that when they hear one justly praised, they will either seek to dismount his virtues, or, if they be like a clear light, they will stab him with a "but" of detraction."

    - Owen Feltham
    Topics: Envy, Pride, Excellence

  • "Genesis 1 logs God's commitment to excellence when it says, "God saw all that he had made, and it was very good" (v. 31). Christians should always do good work. Christians ought to be the best workers wherever they are. They ought to have the best attitude, the best integrity, and be the best in dependability."

    - R. Kent Hughes
    Topics: Excellence

  • "Behold therefore thy God at work, and promise thyself that what he is about will be an excellent piece."

    - William Gurnall
    Topics: Grace, Excellence

  • "The test of the artist does not lie in the will with which he goes to work, but in the excellence of the work he produces."

    - Thomas Aquinas
    Topics: Achievement, Excellence, Work

  • "What the world calls virtue is a name and a dream without Christ. The foundation of all human excellence must be laid deep in the blood of the Redeemer's cross and in the power of his resurrection."

    - Frederick W. Robertson
    Topics: Virtue, Excellence, Resurrection

  • "The climax of God's happiness is the delight He takes in the echoes of His excellence in the praises of His people."

    - John Piper
    Topics: Praise, Excellence

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