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Our witness - good or bad - is the overflow of our lives.
- Alistair Begg
There is an old joke that went around - it goes, in the beginning God made man in His own image, and since the fall, man has been seeking to return the compliment.
- Alistair Begg
But the challenge is always this: Are men and women going to allow the Word of God to sit in judgment on their puny minds, or are they going to make their puny minds the judges of the Word of God?
- Alistair Begg
The only true conqueror who shall be crowned in the end is he who continues until war's trumpet is blown no more.... Christian, wear your shield close to your armor and cry earnestly to God, that by His Spirit you may endure to the end.
- Alistair Begg
There is little doubt that the effective ministry of the Word today continues to be significantly undergirded by men and women who find great fulfillment in the supportive role entrusted to them by our heavenly Father.
- Alistair Begg
I do not believe it is possible to embrace the premises of ecumenical strategy and still draw the conclusions of evangelical orthodoxy.
- Alistair Begg
At best we are but clay, animated dust; but viewed as sinners, we are monsters indeed. Let it be published in heaven as a miracle that the Lord Jesus should set His heart's love upon people like us.
- Alistair Begg
Prayer is an acknowledgment that our need of God's help is not partial but total.
- Alistair Begg
Just because someone is sincere in his conviction does not mean that it is true. It is possible to be sincerely wrong.
- Alistair Begg
Unfortunately, preachers who distort God's Word are all too common today. Sometimes this springs from a sincere desire to soften hard hearts, but hearts aren't changed by compromise.
- Alistair Begg
There's a way to preach the Bible unbiblically...You can use the Bible as the springboard for all kinds of ideas, can't you? Look around in here and find something that fits your fancy and then launch a rocket off it. People say, 'That was amazing, wasn't it? Remarkable what he got out of that.' Well of course it is because he put it in before he got it out.
- Alistair Begg
The protestant martyrs and their monuments testify to the fact that they died, not on account of ecclesial differences, but because the issue was the way of salvation.
- Alistair Begg
Hold material goods and wealth on a flat palm and not in a clenched fist.
- Alistair Begg
Endurance is a key indicator of spiritual fitness.
- Alistair Begg
The Christian will be sure to make enemies. It will be one of his objects to make none; but if doing what is right and believing what is true should cause him to lose every earthly friend, he will regard it as a small loss, since his great Friend in heaven will be even more friendly and will reveal Himself to him more graciously than ever.
- Alistair Begg
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