54 Quotes About Surrender

  • "Oh that God would give me the thing which I long for! That before I go hence and am no more seen, I may see a people wholly devoted to God, crucified to the world, and the world crucified to them. A people truly given up to God in body, soul and substance! How cheerfully would I then say, 'Now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace.'"

    - John Wesley
    Topics: Surrender

  • "We take our stand at the cross and consent to be nailed to it, voluntarily, actually; to submit to the pain whereby the flesh dies; the hands are pierced that carnal work may no longer be done in the energy of the flesh; the feet are pierced that no longer we may walk according to the flesh; the brow is pierced with the thorn crown that our head may not any longer be held up for human diadems and fading laurel wreaths; the side is pierced that the heart may relinquish its fleshly energy and preference, and be occupied with God."

    - A. T. Pierson
    Topics: Surrender

  • "Taking up my "cross" means a life voluntarily surrendered to God."

    - A. W. Pink
    Topics: Obedience, The Cross, Surrender

  • "Can I connect all the sorrows of the wilderness with Christ's glory? Have I set up as my banner, "To me to live is Christ"? Do I devote myself and all I have to Christ's glory, turning everything into an occasion for magnifying Him?"

    - G.V. Wigram
    Topics: Surrender

  • "What Thou wilt, when Thou wilt, how Thou wilt."

    - John Newton
    Topics: Surrender

  • "We must desire to be separated unto the Lord from the world and its evil system. We must reckon ourselves dead to sin and alive to God. This is true positionally, but it can be made true in our spiritual life only as we yield to the Holy Spirit's control."

    - Theodore Epp
    Topics: Holy Spirit, Surrender

  • "He who surrenders himself without reservation to the temporal claims of a nation, or a party, or a class is rendering to Caesar that which, of all things, most emphatically belongs to God: himself."

    C.S. Lewis
    Topics: Politics, Surrender

  • "If we will only surrender ourselves utterly to the Lord, and will trust Him perfectly, we shall find our souls "mounting up with wings as eagles" to the "heavenly places" in Christ Jesus, where earthly annoyances or sorrows have no power to disturb us."

    - Hannah Whitall Smith
    Topics: Surrender

  • "Have you ever realized that you can give things to God that are of value to Him? Or are you just sitting around daydreaming about the greatness of His redemption, while neglecting all the things you could be doing for Him? I'm not referring to works which could be regarded as divine and miraculous, but ordinary, simple human things - things which would be evidence to God that you are totally surrendered to Him."

    - Oswald Chambers
    Topics: Redemption, Service, Surrender

  • "Just as water ever seeks and fills the lowest place, so the moment God finds you abased and empty, His glory and power flow in."

    - Andrew Murray
    Topics: Surrender

  • "Just as water ever seeks and fills the lowest place, so the moment God finds you abased and empty, His glory and power flow in."

    - Andrew Murray
    Topics: Surrender

  • "I wish that saints would cling to Christ half as earnestly as sinners cling to the devil. If we were as willing to suffer for God as some are willing to suffer for their lusts, what perseverance and zeal would be seen on all sides!"

    - Charles Spurgeon
    Topics: Surrender, Zeal

  • "Let us pray, and as we pray, let us make room for Jesus in our hearts."

    - Dwight L. Moody
    Topics: Prayer, Surrender

  • "God has landed on this enemy-occupied world in human form. The perfect surrender and humiliation was undergone by Christ: perfect because He was God, surrender and humiliation because He was man."

    C.S. Lewis
    Topics: Salvation, Christ, Surrender

  • "Just as a servant knows that he must first obey his master in all things, so the surrender to an implicit and unquestionable obedience must become the essential characteristic of our lives."

    - Andrew Murray
    Topics: Obedience, Holiness, Surrender

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