25 Quotes About Authority

  • "Government is not mere advice; it is authority, with power to enforce its laws."

    - George Washington
    Topics: Government, Authority

  • "The "words" of God and the "Word" of God stand together; to separate them is to render both powerless. Any expounder of the words of God is liable to go off on a tangent if he or she does not remember this stern, undeviating standard of exposition, namely, that no individual experience is of the remotest value unless it is up to the standard of the Word of God. The Bible not only tests experience, it tests truth. The Bible tests all experience, all truth, all authority by our Lord Himself and our relationship to Him personally."

    - Oswald Chambers
    Topics: The Bible, Authority

  • "It's time for a new Reformation in the Church--to call the Church back to the authority of the Word of God, beginning in Genesis."

    - Ken Ham
    Topics: Scripture, Revival, Authority

  • "Until the will and the affections are brought under the authority of Christ, we have not begun to understand, let alone to accept, His lordship."

    - Elisabeth Elliot
    Topics: Humility, Authority

  • "Men of authority and influence may promote good morals. Let them in their several stations encourage virtue. Let them favor and take part in any plans which may be formed for the advancement of morality."

    - William Wilberforce
    Topics: Morality, Authority, Men

  • "Prayer is the risen Jesus coming in with His resurrection power, given free rein in our lives, and then using His authority to enter any situation and change things."

    - Ole Hallesby
    Topics: Prayer, Authority

  • "Christ has not only ordained that there shall be such officers in his Church - he has not only specified their duties and prerogatives - but he gives the requisite qualifications, and calls those thus qualified, and by that call gives them their official authority."

    - Charles Hodge
    Topics: Authority

  • "So too, in forming a constitution, or in enacting rules of procedure, or making canons, the people do not merely passively assent, but actively cooperate. They have, in all these matters, the same authority as the clergy."

    - Charles Hodge
    Topics: Authority

  • "In order to the existence of such a ministry in the Church, there is requisite an authority received from God, and consequently power and knowledge imparted from God for the exercise of such ministry; and where a man possesses these, although the bishop has not laid hands upon him according to his traditions, God has Himself appointed him."

    - Assorted Authors
    Topics: Service, Authority, Power

  • "God has work to do in this world; and to desert it because of its difficulties and entanglements, is to cast off His authority. It is not enough that we be just, that we be righteous, and walk with God in holiness; but we must also serve our generation, as David did before he fell asleep. God has a work to do; and not to help Him is to oppose Him."

    - John Owen
    Topics: Service, Authority, Righteousness

  • "Command thy servant advisably with few plain words, fully, freely, and positively, with a grave countenance, and settled carriage: These will procure obedience, gain respect, and maintain authority."

    - Thomas Fuller
    Topics: Perseverance, Authority

  • "Ruling elders are declared to be the representatives of the people."

    - Charles Hodge
    Topics: Authority

  • "Supreme authority in both church and home has been divinely vested in the male as the representative of Christ, who is Head of the church. It is in willing submission rather than grudging capitulation that the woman in the church (whether married or single) and the wife in the home find their fulfillment."

    - Elisabeth Elliot
    Topics: Authority, Submission

  • "Our first remark on this subject is that the ministry is an office, and not merely a work. Our second remark is, that the office is of divine appointment, not merely in the sense in which the civil powers are ordained of God, but in the sense that ministers derive their authority from Christ, and not from the people."

    - Charles Hodge
    Topics: Authority

  • "God built into the creation a variety of cultural spheres, such as the family, economics, politics, art, and intellectual inquiry. Each of these spheres has its own proper "business" and needs its own unique pattern of authority. When we confuse spheres, by violating the proper boundaries of church and state, for instance, or reducing the academic life to a business enterprise, we transgress the patterns that God has set."

    - Abraham Kuyper
    Topics: Creation, Authority

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