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If rich people only knew when they died--how their relations would scramble for their money, the worms for their bodies, and the devils for their souls--they would not be so anxious to save money!
- William Tiptaft
Has your religion cost you anything? If it has cost you nothing, it is worth nothing.
- William Tiptaft
Six feet by two-and-a-half is all the ground that the richest man in England will shortly occupy.
- William Tiptaft
Make us more dead to the world and separate in spirit from it.
- William Tiptaft
Sin is of a defiling nature. You cannot touch pitch and not be defiled.
- William Tiptaft
O what a narrow way is that which leads to life!
- William Tiptaft
If not washed in Christ's blood and clothed in his righteousness, no heaven for you, no heaven for me.
- William Tiptaft
Is Christ the one thing needful? Are you willing to pluck out right-eye sins, and cut off right-hand sins?
- William Tiptaft
Better to live in a hovel with a grain of grace, than to live in a palace without it; for what would the palace avail you in a thousand years?
- William Tiptaft
Deliver us from everything that may entangle our affections and harden our hearts.
- William Tiptaft
Sinning will stop praying; or praying will stop sinning.
- William Tiptaft
If you are contented with a sound creed and a little morality in your lives, you are in an awful state. I would not like to die in your state for a thousand worlds.
- William Tiptaft
I used to try to reconcile creature comforts and spiritual consolations. We cannot hold the world in one hand and Christ in the other. We cannot serve God and mammon.
- William Tiptaft
Dead fish go with the stream, living ones against it.
- William Tiptaft
Have you ever experienced the new birth? If not, dying in your present state--to hell you must go.
- William Tiptaft
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