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  • "Because I had been a basketball player, it never dawned on me to evaluate people on the basis of color. If you could play, you could play. In America it would appear that there is more openness, acceptance, and teamwork in the gym than in the church of Jesus Christ."

    - Jim Cymbala
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  • "During the last times, men will be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. When you think of our sports-driven society, and our media-driven society, and our leisure-driven society, then you understand we are living in the last days."

    - Jerry Falwell
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  • "Millions and millions of Americans (especially males) are literally intoxicated with sports. Sports are no longer a great American pastime; they are now a great American obsession."

    - Chuck Baldwin
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  • "I regard golf as an expensive way of playing marbles."

    - G.K. Chesterton
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  • "The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course."

    - Billy Graham
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  • "Dwell not too long upon sports; for as they refresh a man that is weary, so they weary a man that is refreshed."

    - Thomas Fuller
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