10 F.F. Bruce Quotes

  • "The best way to destroy an enemy is to turn him into a friend."

    - F.F. Bruce
    Topics: Enemies

  • "Persistence in prayer for someone whom we don't like, however much it goes against the grain to begin with, brings about a remarkable change in attitude."

    - F.F. Bruce
    Topics: Prayer, Attitude

  • "God bestows His blessings without discrimination. The followers of Jesus are children of God, and they should manifest the family likeness by doing good to all, even to those who deserve the opposite."

    - F.F. Bruce
    Topics: Blessings

  • "God is the archetypal Father; all other fatherhood is a more or less imperfect copy of his perfect fatherhood. The New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology"

    - F.F. Bruce
    Topics: God, Fathers

  • "Christian holiness is not a matter of painstaking conformity to the individual precepts of an external law code; it is rather a question of the Holy Spirit's producing His fruit in the life, reproducing those graces which were seen in perfection in the life of Christ."

    - F.F. Bruce
    Topics: Holiness

  • "Paul's claim [was] that the message he preached was the authentic gospel of Christ. It is this: two things on which Paul pre-eminently insisted - that salvation was provided by God's grace and that faith was the means by which men appropriated it."

    - F.F. Bruce
    Topics: The Gospel

  • "Those who have been justified are now being sanctified; those who have no experience of present sanctification have no reason to suppose they have been justified."

    - F.F. Bruce
    Topics: Justification, Sanctification

  • "Any part of the human body can only be properly explained in reference to the whole body. And any part of the Bible can only be properly explained in reference to the whole Bible."

    - F.F. Bruce
    Topics: The Bible

  • "Where love is the compelling power, there is no sense of strain or conflict or bondage in doing what is right: the man or woman who is compelled by Jesus' love and empowered by His Spirit does the will of God from the heart."

    - F.F. Bruce
    Topics: Love, The Heart

  • "The soul's deepest thirst is for God Himself, who has made us so that we can never be satisfied without Him."

    - F.F. Bruce
    Topics: God

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