12 Ed Cole Quotes

  • "A man must talk to God about his children before he talks to his children about God."

    - Ed Cole
    Topics: Children

  • "Abortion is too often an atonement for the consequences of immorality, the sins of the parents."

    - Ed Cole
    Topics: Abortion, Immorality

  • "A passion for God isn't necessarily the same as abiding in God; it must be coupled with obedience to be true love for God."

    - Ed Cole
    Topics: Passion, Obedience

  • "A fast is not a hunger strike. Fasting submits to God's commands. A hunger strike makes God submit to our demands."

    - Ed Cole
    Topics: Fasting

  • "A ton of prayer will not produce what an ounce of obedience will."

    - Ed Cole
    Topics: Obedience

  • "After giving something to God, you are no longer accountable for it. Your blessing is based on your giving, not on what others do with the gift."

    - Ed Cole
    Topics: Giving, Blessings

  • "A greater sorrow than a man not seeing a need is the man who sees it and does nothing about it. But a still greater sorrow is the man who sees the need and can do something about it but won't."

    - Ed Cole
    Topics: Apathy

  • "Ability to resist temptation is directly proportionate to your submission to God."

    - Ed Cole
    Topics: Temptation, Submission

  • "A father's responsibility is not to make the child's decisions, but to let the child watch him make his."

    - Ed Cole
    Topics: Fathers

  • "Availability is not the most important factor in employment - teachability is."

    - Ed Cole
    Topics: Work

  • "All sin promises to serve and please but only desires to enslave and dominate."

    - Ed Cole
    Topics: Sin

  • "A man doesn't own his marriage; he is only the steward of his wife's love."

    - Ed Cole
    Topics: Marriage

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