Zig Ziglar Quote – How High You Go In Life Depends On What Drives You

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

– Zig Ziglar

How High You Go In Life Depends On What Drives You

As Zig Ziglar notes, your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude. A lot of people don’t give attitude much credit when it comes to the success that they have achieved in their life. They think that they worked for their success, and that their success pretty much automatically came about.

The reality is that your attitude colors how you look at the world. How you look at the world colors your drive, and your drive impacts your actions. When your actions change, your reality changes. In other words, your internal world drives your external world, not the other way around.

It’s very common misconception that your external world is what drives your internal world. If this was true, then any person who had a million dollars dumped in his or her lap will be able to maintain that million dollars, or even grow it. This is not true. All the material blessings of the world can be showered on you, but if you do not have the internal framework, nothing good will come out of it. It would just be wasted away. The reality is that your internal world drives your external world.

We Are All Working With a Chain Reaction

Our reality is really driven by a chain reaction, and it all starts with our thoughts. Our thoughts drive our emotions; our thoughts provoke emotional responses. These emotional responses then trigger physical actions. These physical actions that we engage in then have an emotional feedback. That’s how the chain reaction works. However, when it comes to your physical reality, your actions impact your physical reality.

So where does attitude fit into all these? Well, your attitude impacts your thoughts. You have to understand that any given moment, you are being bombarded with external stimuli. Your attitude filters these stimuli and gives them meaning. You can choose to feel like a victim, or you can choose to feel like a victor. You can choose to feel that the world is out to get you, or you could feel that you are on top of your world and in control. You can choose to run after your dreams, but you can choose to react to circumstances.

Attitude is like the software that drives the hardware of your mind and body. You have to choose your software properly. The good news is that attitude is chosen.

Choosing the Right Attitude

Just like you would choose different kinds of software to perform different kinds of operations on your computer, you can choose your attitude to perform differently, to have your mental, emotional, and physical hardware perform differently. The attitude that you choose impacts how you process your thoughts in the chain reaction described above. That’s how important your attitude is.

If there is not enough in your world, then you feel a sense of scarcity. However, if your attitude is that you’re not in control, then you won’t be in control. Your choice of attitude has nothing to do with wish fulfilment or wishing your problems away, no. Your attitude is actually the operating software of your mental, emotional, and physical hardware.

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