Zig Ziglar Quote – Making the Most out of What You’ve Got

“It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you use that makes a difference.”

– Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar Quote Finances Commentary

Zig Ziglar points out that it is not how much we have to work with that matters. What matters is what we do with what we’ve got. This is a very important idea in this day and age because it is so easy to assume that bigger is always better and that having more will get us further. The reality is very different. It isn’t how much you have to start with that matters. What matters more is your attitude. Think about it-people who were neck deep in debt were able to turn their dire financial straits into riches. No less than Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton did this. He started with less than nothing. That’s right-he was deep in debt. But that didn’t stop him and the rest, as they say, is retailing and American business history.

Focus on efficiency

If you want to go further in life, reach higher, and achieve more, don’t focus on what you have to work with. Focus on your goals. Focus on efficiency. If you focus too much on the raw ingredients you have to work with, it is too easy to lose faith. It is too easy to think that since your competition have more to work with, you’ll always be left behind. Instead, be grateful for what you have and never let your eyes leave your prize. By focusing on where you need to go and trying to make what you have fit and last long enough, you trigger your God-given ability to solve problems and come up with creative solutions. After all, necessity is the mother of Invention. Focus on where you need to go, believe that you’ll get there and things will happen. That’s how grace works. That’s how faith and trust works.

Learn from the loaves and fishes

One of the most powerful stories in the bible of resource management and faith is the story of the fishes and loaves. Jesus tells us that as long as we believe, scarce or inadequate resources won’t hold us back. It is our faith, and the grace that it channels, the finds the way. It is our belief that opens a path through the sea so we can make it through. Don’t let doubts, pessimism, and skepticism deprive you of the victory God has already laid out for you. Focus on his promises and his love instead! This is the way to true personal victory and grace-filled resource efficiency and management.