Zac Poonen Quote – Everything Can Lead You Closer to God

“God can make the very worst things that ever happened in your life to work for your very best, if you have faith.”

– Zac Poonen

Zac Poonen Quote Commentary

Faith, just like love, transforms. It takes something that you think was gone, dead, worthless, useless, forgotten, or insignificant and turns it into something precious, beautiful, powerful, and transcendent. However, just like love, faith requires that we choose. It is not imposed on us. No one can force you to have faith. Faith, unlike belief, is not just based on accepting something as true, it involves something higher. In the Bible, faith can be summed up in one name: Jesus. If you want your belief to bear fruit and your faith to truly lead you to where you need to go, you only need to focus on the name above every other name on earth and in heaven: Jesus. This is the essence of transformation-faith in Jesus.

Challenges, trials, pain can all lead to Jesus’ transforming love if you let it

Nothing in your life is an accident. You are always given a choice to see the real meaning of every trial, challenge, pain, defeat, or disaster in your life. The problem most people have with this is it is a choice. We have to choose to see Jesus’ transforming and comforting love behind our pain. We have to allow ourselves to cry out, after everything is gone, after all the heavy doubt and pain, to humble ourselves beneath the cross at the foot of Jesus and base our comfort on him. What follows is transformation. What follows is a life-changing miracle where God’s love transforms our pain and defeat into victory in him. You see, a lot of life’s pains are painful because we look at our world through the world’s lenses. In many cases, taking off these lenses and putting on our eyes of Faith as we walk with Christ requires adjustment. It can be painful. It can be disorienting. However, it is also necessary. As any new Christian knows, the closer we draw to Christ, the more troubles, pain, disappointment, and challenges the Devil throws our way. Use this adjustment process to trust more in Jesus and love him more. God is bigger than your problems. When you realize this, when you believe this, when you let this truth transform you so much that you love Jesus against all odds, you will see your life transformed. While the circumstances might be, on a material or worldly basis, the same, there is a profound change. Instead of looking at the world through the world’s tired and defeated eyes, you see the world through lenses of victory. In other words, you look at the world through eyes of faith. This is the real victory and real blessing challenges brings. Accept to see the blessing in every trial in your life today and let your faith be strengthened.

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