Tim Keller Quotes – God Gives

“God will only give you what you would have asked for if you knew everything he knows.”

– Time Keller

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    I believe what Tim Keller is trying to say here is that our prayers may not always be answered but that’s because God is all knowing and truly knows what you need. God won’t give you what you asked for because you actually needed something else. That something else would have been your prayer request if you were all knowing like God.

  • Ashleigh Simmons

    We will never recieve all we ask for, But in his ultimate wisdom, he will still answer our prayers, by giving us what He knows we need! That is how I understand this quote… He has a plan for our lives and He sees the bigger picture, which is the past, the present and future of every aspect of the universe and he knows what we need for us to be part of that plan. So, we may never get “whatever we ask for”, but thats not such a bad thing! (Anyone seen Bruce Almighty?!) – Just how many people ask to win the lottery in their prayers!! The message is clear, GOD KNOWS BEST! Trust in him and instead of asking for specifics, simply ask that his will be done in your life, and LET GO!

  • Allan Diao Cruz

    God always answers our prayers. His answer is Yes if it fits in His plans for us, No if what we are asking will not do good for us and Wait patiently for His plan for you for the Lord know what are our needs before we have ask it from Him. God knows everything all we can do is to trust Him .

  • Adele Squires

    I agree that our ALL KNOWING GOD would only give us the best; sometimes that best is a ” no”, or “not now” , because He knows what might happen to us if He gave us our way instead of His perfect answer. 🙂

  • Thess Lamata Tiongson

    amen..if we ask something to God through prayer..we dont easily got the answer..first Becoz God knows what is best for us..so maybe what we are asking is ,will cause no good to us so God didnt give it..2nd God allow us to wait to test our faith and to mold our characters and attitude towards that problem..3rd God knows what we needed and what is best for us so He answered it..sometimes even for the last minute He give it..just trust God..coz all things work together for His purpose…if you want to have all things…seek ye first the kingdom of God

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