Thomas Merton Quote – 5 Ways God Helps Us Conquer Our Fear

“I will not fear, for you are ever with me, and you will never leave me to face my perils alone.”

– Thomas Merton

Devotional: 5 Ways God Helps Us Conquer Our Fear

This is a very powerful quote about overcoming fear through our relationship with God. To be honest, you will only have fear if you are not abiding in God because if you are covered by his power and his assurance, nothing will scare you. Here are five ways God helps us conquer our fear.

Love Casts Out Fear

Since God is love, God will cast out our fear because perfect love casts out fear. The reason why many people fail to achieve that success they are capable of is because they are fearful. The main reason why people are miserable and stay in bad relationships is because they’re fearful. Many people end up making the wrong decisions again and again because they’re fearful. Abiding in God and believing in him helps us overcome our fear and helps us to eventually achieve victory.

Faith Produces Action that Dissolves Fear

When we step out in faith and just completely trust God, this produces a chain reaction of action that dissolves fear. Fear is really all about the unknown and the more you fail to take action, the more the unknown grows and the more fearful you become. When you start taking action that produces results, your fear starts to crumble and your faith grows until fear is eventually destroyed. But for this process to take place you have to take the first step. You have to take that leap of faith.

God’s Love Renews Our Sense of Possibility

By abiding in God and tapping into his everlasting love, we renew our sense of possibility. The worst thing that can happen in life is to basically look at life as constrictive or something that we are stuck in. This isn’t the way to live life. Unfortunately we doubt God’s love with this outlook. We can’t help but feel stuck and limited. By abiding in God’s love and understanding his love for us, He fills us with a renewed sense of possibility. This enables us to take more action and to change our situation.

Fear Falls Apart in the Face of Sustained Action

The Bible is not a book of fairy tales where you just mention a magic formula and things happen. In many cases it takes action for faith to turn into miracles. Case in point, when Jesus called the crippled man to get up and walk, the crippled man still needed to believe in Jesus. If he hadn’t believed Jesus, he wouldn’t get up and walk. I hope you see the relationship between faith and action. Fear falls apart in the face of sustained action because the more you act in faith, the more miracles enter your life.

God’s Love Gives Us the Energy to Overcome Paralysis

In many cases we fail in life because we’re stuck. We focus on what can go wrong that we can never really take action. If we tap into God’s love and trust that love to pull us through and bail us out, we overcome that paralysis. We take that leap of faith and things start happening again.


Friends, God is ready, willing, and able to help you. You only have to give yourself permission to tap into that power and conquer your fear. At the end of that day, fear is the only thing keeping you from walking with God. Are you willing to trust God today and conquer your fear?

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