Thomas Adams Quote – 6 ways God steers Christians through storms

“He who sends the storm steers the vessel.”

– Thomas Adams

6 ways God steers Christians through storms

This quote really sums up the fact that while it’s easy to feel alone during a storm, a Christian abiding in God knows that he or she is never truly alone. In fact, you don’t just have company; you are standing shoulder to shoulder with the captain of the ship of your life. You are occupying the same space with the author of the universe. How can things go truly wrong? How can you feel afraid?

Still, we let the storm get the best of us and it can be easy to lose hope and feel frustrated. After all, storms can be so bad that you feel that nothing worse can happen after the storm. Well, the good news is that God is always in control that regardless of the storms He may send into our lives, He’s always in control. He has the best for us. Here are six ways God steers Christians through storms:

God never sends a test you can’t handle

According to Corinthians, God will never send you a test you can’t handle. He will never tempt you, but he will test you. The good news is that testing is a key part of the Christian life. Nobody really can say, “I am a Christian” without having gone through tests. The truth is, life is a challenge. We make plans and they don’t pan out. All sorts of emergencies and catastrophes happen all the time.

The good news is that God will never send you a test you can’t handle. It’s as if God is giving you a jigsaw puzzle box, but if you look under the box, the answer is there. In the same way God will never give you a life without giving you an instruction manual. That’s why the bible exists.

He sends friends

God knows that when we’re going through tough times, we can become very isolated. We can feel alone and think we are only one going through the set of problems that is rocking our life. The good news is that if you look around you, you will likely find friends because God sends them when we are going through personal storms. By talking with these friends you can get a sense of peace that can help you pull through the rough patches in your life.

He sends perspective

One of the biggest blessings God can send us is perspective. You have to remember that the human condition tends to be very proud. We tend to think highly of ourselves. This is a serious problem because when our ego increases, God in our hearts necessarily decreases because your heart can only contain a finite amount and it’s a win-lose proposition. You either fill your heart up with God or you fill it up with something else. For God to increase, our pride and ego must decrease.

Perspective does that. When Jesus sends challenges it forces us to look at the big picture. What is important? My health or my salvation? What is important? My home or my relationship with Jesus Christ.

He gives focus

Life is the result of what you focus on. Facing really bad situations gives us that opportunity to refocus on what’s important. What’s really important? It’s no contest. There’s really only one thing that matters ultimately: salvation. Focus on that.

He gives hope

Another powerful way in which God helps us steer through crushing storms in our lives is that He always gives us hope. If you abide in Jesus, you will always have hope. The hope may not necessarily involve your bad situation lifting, but when we believe in Jesus, there’s always hope because Jesus has come to give us a good life. He himself said that He has come to liberate the captives and to make sure that people have life to the full. However, we must accept Him and when we accept Jesus, we have this hope of a great life with Him.

It may be very bleak right now. It may almost seem hopeless, but by hanging on to Jesus Christ, we will always have hope.

He sends power

Historically, Christians have tapped the power of Christ’s words and promises to go through the most horrendous tortures and the most brutal times. Believing in Jesus will give you the power to persist through whatever challenges you are going through. You only need to claim it and believe it and it will come. God’s word does not come back to Him void. He always delivers on His promises. That’s how faithful God is.

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