Roy Moore Quote – 4 Ways Christianity Has Reshaped How People View the Government

“If God gives you rights, no man and no government can take them away from you.”

– Roy Moore

Devotional: 4 Ways Christianity Has Reshaped How People View the Government

Here are four ways Christianity has reshaped how people view the government:

The Government Should not Discriminate

The Bible is clear that God shows no favor among his children. God saves both Jews and non Jews, women and men, slave and free. If God doesn’t discriminate amongst his children and sends reign on both the just and unjust, why should the government discriminate? This sense of egalitarianism is actually what pushes political development among Christians over the centuries. The amount of freedom many Christian countries enjoy arose from this concept of non-discrimination.

Authority Should not let the Strong Oppress the Weak

There are many books of the Bible that say that the strong has an obligation to the weak. In the book of James this responsibility is laid out in the strongest terms possible and there is a consequence of the strong abusing the opposition in the state and Jesus has laid out parables that point in this direction.

The Social Contract Should let Everyone Have a Voice

The Bible says that the priesthood is not some genetic line of people that have direct access to God. It’s not some special profession you go into for you to have a special relationship with God. Priesthood, according to the New Testament, is open to everybody. The only qualification really is that your heart is open to Jesus and you have a relationship with Him. This biblical orientation has changed the social contract because Christians now look at the relationship between the governed and the government as involving equal voice. So, since we are all children of God and we’re all equal in the sight of God, then everybody has an equal voice regarding how the state should be ran.

The State Protects Everyone Equally

If God is our father and He loves all his children equally, then the state (in place of God) as its steward according to the book of Romans and Ephesians should also by extension protect everyone equally. This means no distinction between rich and poor, the connected and the disconnected. Everybody should be treated equally.


This discussion about how Christianity has reshaped how people view the government is of course a work in progress. Different historically Christian nations have developed differently regarding the implementation of these principles. Some have gone a long way and others still have a long way to go. Still, it can’t be denied that the Bible’s teachings between God’s relationship with his creation is often reflected in how Christians view the proper relationship between the state and the.

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