Rick Warren Quote – God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

“God never does anything accidentally, and he never makes mistakes.”

– Rick Warren

Rick Warren Quote about God Commentary

Imagine you had the most powerful and technologically advanced version of Google Glass. In addition to being able to record the stuff you gaze at and correlate this information with information from the Internet, your Google Glasses came with some, shall we say, very interesting ‘apps.’ Chief among these special apps is your ability to look way into the future. Another app lets you zoom into the lives of all the people that existed in the past, people who are living now, and people yet to be born. Finally, another app lets you hear not just all the words that come out of the lips of people but your Google Glass app also lets you see their thoughts-in vivid 3D. Now, if you had such powerful glasses on, can you do things accidentally? Can you do things randomly? Interestingly enough, this is just a fraction of God’s power.

The immensity of God’s power goes beyond time and space. God didn’t have a beginning. He doesn’t have an end. It is amazing enough to contemplate how He spoke the world into existence-with all its vast horizons, its teeming life, its vast jungles. Imagine that he did the same to countless other worlds out there. That’s how powerful, systematic, and integrated God’s power is.

Still, considering the randomness and senselessness of our lives-the innocent babies being stuffed into garbage cans, the mass famines, the senseless wars over race, religion, ethnicity-it is too easy to doubt God’s power. It is too easy, operating from our frail and very limited human minds, to question why there is so much evil in the world. It is so easy and tempting to try and pin the blame on God. Surely, if he is so powerful and knows all this is going to happen, He could have stopped the pain and the evil. The problem with this thinking is that evil is in the world because of Sin. Sin was a product of human choice. God made us with choice because God wanted us to have the capacity to love. Choice is essential for love. Sadly, our original parents chose Sin and we are stuck with cancer, death, birth defects, war, hatred, and other evils. But God didn’t make a mistake, he gave us a Provision-in the form of his Son. He already saw that humanity will mess up-and it pains him-but he loved us enough that he still created us and gave us His only Son so we can be saved and reconciled with himself. God knows that at the Second Coming and at the Judgment, all eyes in the universe will see how much He loves us and we ourselves will see the extent of the evil that sin causes. Everything plays out and God’s character is vindicated. God never makes a mistake.

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