Rick Warren Quote – 4 Ways Closeness To God Makes Everything Else Small

“The closer you live to God, the smaller everything else appears.”

– Rick Warren

Commentary – 4 Ways Closeness To God Makes Everything Else Small

Here’s a trick question: which is bigger, your problems or your God? Although this is a no-brainer and is quite obvious, the trick to the question is that, in terms of how we actually behave, it is too easy to get the worries of the world get the best of us. It is too easy to focus on the things that are less than perfect in our lives to make us lose focus on the one person that makes everything right in our lives-Jesus Chris. Abiding in Jesus is not just a spiritual exercise. It is not just an intellectually gratifying concept. Nope. Far from it. Abiding in Christ is not just preferable, it is absolutely necessary because doing so enables us to shrink our problems. When we focus on Jesus and live our lives as close to his example and commands, as Rick Warren notes, everything else in life appears much smaller. Here are the four reasons why that is so.

Jesus brings Inner Peace

By keeping your mind and heart focused on the Being that spoke the universe into existence, you tap into an overwhelming power that easily manages to crowd out the other things in your head you’d rather not think about. Whether you are grappling with anger, holding a grudge, feeling slighted, lonely, overlooked, guilty, or experiencing many other negative emotions, simply focusing on Christ and letting his peace overcome you will set you free. Not all shackles are physical. Jesus breaks out mental and emotional shackles and gives us peace instead.

Jesus gives us perspective

Whatever you dwell on grows. Your energy flows to whatever you focus on. Things that shouldn’t really have power over us look overwhelming when we dwell on them. By focusing on Jesus, everything else falls into place and everything has proper perspective. Don’t sweat the small stuff and focus your eyes on the prize-Jesus himself.

Living with the Holy Spirit gives us strength

By letting the Holy Spirit enter our lives, we tap into the Spirit’s immense power. Sharp words that used to hurt us or make us angry no longer have an impact. Instead of constantly trying to earn other’s validation, the Spirit gives us joy and contentment from with. Now, that’s real strength-strength that comes from within.

Listening to the Spirit makes us resolute

God himself said that his words don’t come back to him void. He is not a liar. When we let the Holy Spirit into our hearts, we are able to withstand the world and its tricks and traps. We can claim Jesus’ promise that since he has overcome the world, we can do so too, by abiding in him.

Keep the four truths above in mind as you make your way in the world today. These four truths can give you the strength, faith, purpose, and power you need to live a holy life, day by day.

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