Randy Alcorn Quote – 6 Key Lessons About God’s Power To Give

“The more you give, the more comes back to you, because God is the greatest giver in the universe, and He won’t let you outgive Him. Go ahead and try. See what happens

– Randy Alcorn

Devotional: 6 Key Lessons About God’s Power To Give

The quote by Randy Alcorn above emphasizes that because God is the most powerful Giver in the universe, there is really no way we can outgive Him. There is really no way our charity can beat His generosity. This is a very important incite to wrap our minds around because we need to face that life can get quite challenging. In many cases, we feel that when we return our tithes and give to charity, we do not get many blessings in return. Of course, the primary motivation for people to give is not because of what they will get in return.

The truth is that when you give, it is a measure of how much you trust God; and when you have a lot of trust and faith in your Creator, it is inevitably reflected in the amount of blessings that flow through your life. While it may be wrong to give just to get something in return, it is always right to give out of abundance because abundance is flowing through your life. Unfortunately, many people find out the hard way that when they put the brakes on their giving, it is often reflected in the fact that the abundance that flows through their lives diminishes or completely disappears. This should not be a mystery because real abundance is measured by how much you give, not how much you retain. Unfortunately, people have it the other way around; and in many cases people have a tough time giving because they feel that they have so little to give.

Here are six key lessons about God’s power to give. By focusing on God’s ability to bless us, we should be emboldened to bless others around us. When we are very loose with how we bless others, it enables us to trust God even more and give Him wider permission to bless us with His abundance. Make no mistake, the amount of richness flowing through your life only has one limit: Your ability to permit God to bless you fully.

God Gives Based On His Grace, Not What We Deserve

It is really a great thing that God gives to us not based on what we deserve, but based on His grace. We have to face that if God only gives to us based on what we deserve, He is not going to give us anything. Why? Because we are all sinners; we have all fallen short of the glory of God. God is the bottom line. Thank God He gives to us based on His grace, and the best news of it all is that His grace is limitless.

God Gives Us What We Need

Another thing that we need to understand about the abundance God gives us is that it is too easy to judge God’s blessings based on what we want and to size up God’s daily blessings based on the luxuries that we have always wanted. The reality is that God gives us what we need. He never lets us down and go without the things that we need.

He Gives In Unusual Ways

Another key lesson to keep in mind regarding God’s power to give is that in many cases He is already answering your prayer. However, He is answering it in an unusual way or in an unusual form. The reason for this is that you have to trust God is blessing you. The reality is that whether you are facing challenges or you are experiencing abundance, God is blessing you. That is how much of a giver He is. But, unfortunately, we tend to be so narrow minded and have tunnel vision that we only expect God to bless us in the exact and precise way that we want to be blessed. If you open your minds and open your hearts to God, you would notice that He blesses you in unusual ways.

Receive God’s Gift Based On His Timeline

Another common misconception about God’s blessing is that God is very stingy. When we repeatedly pray for certain things to happen or for certain blessings to enter our lives, it seems that our prayers fall on deaf ears. The truth is that God has a timeline. As the Bible says, His ways are not our ways. It is not for us to judge His timeline. In fact, if you have a lot of trust in God, you would notice that He may not be blessing you in the exact same way that you are asking, but He is already blessing you in other ways. So, it is a good idea to understand his timeline and develop the fruit of the Spirit of patience.

God Sometimes Sends Gifts Disguised As Challenges

This is one of the most common ways God blesses His people. God knows that challenges change people and this is why He gives us gifts that look like challenges. It is up to us to overcome our pride, our fear, and all the things holding us back from having a close walking relationship with Jesus, to see that beyond the challenge is actually the gift of wisdom, the gift of character building, the gift of patience, and the gift of faithfulness. In fact, there is really no such thing as a challenge with God if you have eyes of faith.

Reclaim God’s Gifts Through Faith

The key that really unlocks all of God’s blessings is faith, just as the ultimate blessing is God sending His only Son Jesus Christ to die so that we could be reconciled with Him. We have to claim God’s daily gifts through faith. Without faith, we only see challenges. Without faith, we see God as very small and our problems as gigantic. Faith is the key that doesn’t just allows us to see God’s gifts, but to claim and enjoy them as well. Are you willing to claim that leap of faith second by second, day after day?

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