Ralph Erskine Quote – Give Christ Permission to Help You Achieve What You’re Capable of Achieving

“It is possible for you to do all things through Christ strengthening you, even to overleap the highest walls, to break bows of steel in pieces, and wade through the deepest fords in your way.”

– Ralph Erskine

Give Christ Permission to Help You Achieve What You’re Capable of Achieving

It’s very easy to look at life as a hostile place, or feel very small in a world that is out of control. The main reason why many people feel frustrated with their lives is that they feel that they don’t have any control as to what happens in their life. Unfortunately, it is exactly this need to take control over your life based on your own strength that leads to further frustration. It definitely can lead to a downward spiral. It’s not uncommon for people to feel empty, and conclude that life is meaningless.

The reality is that life has a lot of meaning. A lot of that has to do with you simply being humble enough to give Christ permission to work His purpose in your life. When you allow this to happen by simply saying yes to Him out of faith, you give Him permission to help you achieve what you’re capable of achieving in your life.

God Wants Only the Best for Us

As the book of Jeremiah says, God wants to prosper us, and God only has the very best intention for us. He doesn’t intend for us to suffer; it doesn’t make Him happy that we’re frustrated, feeling lonely and empty inside It doesn’t make Him happy that people are suffering all over the world.

As any Christian would tell you, all these sufferings are consequences of sin. Sin is a choice. God gave us the power of choice, because God is love, and love is based on the foundation of choice. Love without choice is not love at all.

So God only wants the best for us, and God’s word is the truth. That is what Jeremiah says, and many other verses in the Bible say that God only wants the best for us. We can claim those promises because they are real.

We Hold Ourselves Back

The main reason why many of us feel that we’re not getting the kind of results from life that we deserve is because we are holding ourselves back. The only person holding you back from fully living up to your potential is Y-O-U.

How do we hold ourselves back? Fear. Many of us are very fearful of change. Sure, we’d like to think that we would like to live in a bigger house, or would like to have a better career, so on and so forth. The problem is that we’re fearful of going through the process. We know that getting from point A to point B in life often takes effort and disappointment, and we’re fearful of going through that process.

The second reason we hold ourselves back is that we’re distrustful. It takes trust to make things happen in a person’s life. You have to trust in the power of your dreams to make those dreams come true. Unfortunately, if you have a very low level of trust, it’s not going to happen.

The next reason is that many of us have low spiritual self-esteem. We think that God is a bully; we think that God is out to get us; we think that God will only love us if we are good and faithful children.

Any accurate reading of the Bible says that that is not true. God loves you regardless. God loves you so much that He gave his only begotten son so that you could have a means to be saved. That’s how much God loves you. He loved you first before you even heard of Him. This alone should get rid of this low spiritual self-esteem. God’s Bible is filled with promises. We only need to claim it in faith, and God graciously gives.

Finally, many of us hold ourselves back from what we’re capable of achieving because of pride. We would like to believe that the world that we live in, the success that we have, and the accomplishments and achievements that we have amassed, is based on our own strength and our own value. Unfortunately, this is not true. Whatever it is that you have, if you are honest to yourself, can be traced to somebody else. Eventually, if you are honest enough, you can trace it to God, because God is the author of all good things.

Give Jesus Permission to Work Wonders in Your Life

When you trust in Jesus and you surrender yourself to Him, you open the door of your heart. You have to understand, Jesus is a gentleman. He never breaks the door down; He never tricks you into coming in. No, Jesus asks. Jesus knocks on the door, according to the book of Revelation.

Choose to walk with Him, and by walking with Him, you get to know Him on a day-to-day basis. The more you behold Him, the more you are changed. The more you have this living, breathing relationship with Him, the more He equips you for greatness.

You are a piece of gold. You are an infinite treasure, in of yourself. Regardless of what other people say, and regardless of whatever disappointments you may have had in your life, you have the potential for greatness. You only need to unlock that by giving Jesus permission to help you achieve what you’re capable of achieving.

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