Phillips Brooks Quote – 4 Reasons You Can Trust In God to Carry You through Challenges

“Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for power equal to your tasks.”

– Phillips Brooks

Devotional: 4 Reasons You Can Trust In God to Carry You through Challenges

All of us face challenges. Whether they take the form of medical, mental, financial, political, or relational challenges, no human being is free from difficulty, discomfort, pain, or loss. We are, after all, living in a fallen world ruined by sin. The good news is that God can carry us through, if we let Him. Here are just four of the countless reasons why you should place your trust in Him.

God can Lighten Your Load

However heavy your problems are and however seemingly impossible your situation is, never underestimate God’s power. He can make the impossible, possible. He is the God of the improbable. One of the most common ways He does this is by not removing your load. Instead, He lightens your load by giving you the strength to carry it. As Paul wrote in Corinthians: God never gives you a test you can’t handle.

God Gives You Clarity

Part of the reason our problems seem so difficult is because we’re unclear about them. The more we don’t know, the more fearful we become. A close relationship with God gives you clarity and everything falls into perspective. Problems that seemed so enormous now look manageable and, in the big scheme of things, unimportant. Are you ready to adopt God’s perspective today?

God Equips You

You might have capabilities that you are unaware of. Sometimes it takes challenges to make you aware of them. Start looking at your problems as necessary eye-opening conditions that will help you see your God-given power to overcome. You owe it to yourself.

He Gives You the Gift of Maturity

A sense of entitlement makes us weak. It really does. We expect things to be a certain way and when they don’t turn out the way we expected, we feel that something’s wrong. In lots of cases, a lot of our problems are simply self-inflicted disappointments due to a sense of entitlement. Life’s unfair. Get used to it. Why? We live in a fallen world. One of the biggest blessings we can get is when, through prayer and experience, we accept God’s gift of maturity. Challenges are more bearable. In fact, many of the things we used to be challenges stop being challenges once we mature.

Closing thoughts

If you’re going through challenges, keep the discussions above in mind. They will not only sustain you when you are at your darkest hours but your relationship with Christ will deepen. You have to remember that it’s not about you, it’s only about Him. The more you trust Him, the more peace you will have.

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