Mother Teresa Quote – Are you Ready to Take Refuge in God’s Citadel Within You?

“There’s nothing more calming in difficult moments than knowing there’s some one fighting with you.”

– Mother Teresa


It is easy to feel small and alone in the world. Think about it, when you look at a storm, it just seems so enormous, so powerful, so vast. Surely, you can’t withstand the world’s storms, can you? Well, if you feel this way, you are hardly alone. Most people look at themselves as simply too small, too powerless, too brittle, too fragile for whatever the world throws their way. And to be honest, this is absolutely true if we were to rely solely on our human strengths and faculties. We are no match for the world. And we are definitely no match for the Devil. The good news is that we are not fighting alone. When we abide in Christ and claim his promises, we are fighting with a power and force that world simply can’t get a handle on-Jesus Christ.

Jesus has overcome the world, isn’t it time you did, too?

Mother Teresa beautifully described the power Jesus confers on his subjects who abide in him as they struggle with the world. Mother Teresa said that there is something calming about the fact that some is fighting with us against the world and our problems. That ‘someone’, of course, is Jesus Christ. Jesus is a great ally because he, as he himself said, has overcome the world. He has overcome the cross. He has overcome temptation. There is a reason why Jesus came in human form. God wanted to show us that we humans, made of flesh and bone, can overcome. We only need to look at Jesus’ example.

Claiming the citadel within

In our hearts lie a citadel, a fortress, that the world can’t overcome. Our strength is not our bodies. It is not our abilities, our beauty, and our talents. Instead, our strength is tied up in our hearts. More precisely, it’s what’s in our hearts. By having Jesus in our hearts and by having our minds animated by the Holy Spirit, we have a powerful citadel that can withstand the devil’s slings and arrows and temptations. If life has you down or seems very tiring, retreat into your personal citadel and call on Jesus. He never fails. You only need to open your heart to him. Are you ready to claim his power today? He is constantly knocking. Being a kind and loving savior, he respects your choice and won’t barge in. It is up to you to let him into your heart today and abide in his strength and grace.

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