Mother Teresa Quote – Three Reasons to Continue Doing Good, Even if no One Remembers

“The good you do today, will often be forgotten by tomorrow. Do good anyway.”

– Mother Teresa

Three Reasons to Continue Doing Good, Even if no One Remembers

It is too easy to live our lives in a very reactive way and see it as a simple give and take. If life gives us lemons, we hardly make any lemonade. Instead, the perfectly human way to react is to throw the lemons back at life’s face. It’s all about reciprocity. We are only as kind to others as the kindness they have shown us. As Jesus teaches, this is hardly Heaven’s way. Instead, we are to forgive when we are harmed. We are supposed to turn the other cheek. Similarly, we are supposed to do good even if we don’t get a pat on the back or an ‘attaboy’ from anyone. This might be a hard concept to follow so here are three reasons why we should continue to do good even if people will quickly forget our good deeds. As Mother Theresa notes, we should continue to do good even if our good acts are forgotten by tomorrow.

Reason #1: God always has his eyes on you

People might not remember nor much care about your good deeds but Jesus does. Even if all humans don’t care or don’t remember, always remember that Jesus always sees what you’re doing. And doing his Father’s will makes him happy. God sees everything you do and can read your heart. This audience alone is worth doing good for. In the end, you are not doing good for other fellow human beings but simply channeling God’s love to the world.

Reason #2: Loving others reflects our love for Jesus

God loved us when we were first sinners. He loved us before we loved or even knew about him. That’s how much God loves us. Accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior is a commitment to letting his love for us be our daily guiding force. This is why the Holy Spirit is so crucial. The Spirit fills us with God’s love as it leads us into all truth. Abiding in Jesus is just like any relationship. The more we know about our loved one, the more love we feel. This is why when we let love shine forth in our lives, we are merely reflecting the love we have developed for Jesus Christ. As Jesus himself said, those who say they love him but don’t love their brothers are not telling the truth. Genuine Christian love for Jesus Christ can’t help but be expressed in terms of love for others.

Reason #3: Doing good for others reflects Jesus’ love in us

God’s love is not just for our enjoyment alone. It is a light that we must let shine forth in our lives. Indeed, just as Christ is the author and perfecter of our faith, his love is the source of all the goodness, kindness, charity, and true love we exhibit to our fellow man. Human love is limited and self-seeking. God’s love is patient, sustaining, and seeks others instead of seeking attention or something in return.

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