Martyn Lloyd-Jones Quote – The World Would Rather See a Sermon than Hear One

“The glory of the gospel is that when the church is absolutely different from the world, she invariably attracts it.”

-Martyn Lloyd -Jones

The World Would Rather See a Sermon than Hear One

Evangelism is Important

Evangelism is one particular objective every church should focus on. After all, Jesus Christ gave us the Great Commission to go out in the entire world and preach the Good News to all tribes, all language groups, all races, and all classes. The Great Commission’s scope is so wide and so far-reaching because God’s love is so wide, deep, and far-reaching. Indeed, for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son so the whole world may live if they believe in him instead of perishing.

Unfortunately, getting the importance of evangelism, especially at the intellectual level, is far and beyond easier than truly getting it at the heart or emotional level. This is why many churches are struggling. Many church members still think that people will be attracted by tracts, doctrines, or even house-to-house visitations or bring-a-friend services. The reality is, as Martyn Lloyd-Jones put it, when the church is absolutely different from the world, the world is attracted to the church.

The Church Should Be Different from the World

Let’s face it; the world is not in great shape. There are all sorts of pain, trials, and challenges in the world. It can be a downright unfriendly place. It is too easy to let the cares of the world weigh down one’s soul. It is no surprise that antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications are always in the top 10 of the most prescribed medications in the USA. The world is yearning for something different. And this is where a church that truly lives up to Christ’s commands and teachings comes into play. People would rather see a sermon than hear one.

Keep the Light Under a Bushel or Let it Shine Out?

While Christians know that faith comes through hearing, the world believes something when it sees that thing. This is why churches should recommit themselves to truly living out the gospel. This three-dimensional display of charity, hope, and love will make a church standing out from the best the world can offer. The world offers entertainment, pleasure, and joy that don’t last. The church can offer something much more satisfying and eternally lasting, Jesus Christ. But first, it must attract the world by fully living out Christ’s teachings in its outreach, the warmth it shows its neighbors, and the lives of the church’s members. Every church has a choice: keep its light under a bushel or let it shine out. The good news is Jesus is ready, willing, and able to fill us with the Holy Spirit. We only need to ask. Is your church in need of some help evangelizing? Maybe you should lead a prayer crusade in your church to fill its members with the Holy Spirit to show, not just tell, the Good News to the surrounding community? Everything is possible through Christ who strengthens us.