Martin Luther Quote – Looking Forward to Heaven

“I would not give one moment of heaven for all the joy and riches of the world, even if it lasted for thousands and thousands of years.”

– Martin Luther

Looking Forward to Heaven Keeps Our Earthly Lives in Perspective

Try this little experiment. Take an object, maybe the mouse you’re using to navigate this web page, and put it right up to your face. Maybe press it right against your nose. What do you see? You probably don’t see much else except the mouse, right? Well, when you focus on anything in your life, it grows out of proportion. All sense of perspective is thrown out the window when you dwell on any one thing. This is a very powerful principle that is at play all the time in our lives. Our lives are reflections of the things we choose to dwell on. Where your focus goes, energy flows. Similarly, whatever you choose to dwell on, grows.

We tend to focus on our problems or the wrong things

If you feel anxious or you don’t feel satisfied, fulfilled, or complete, it may be due to the fact that you have another thing pressed right next to your nose. The good news is that you chose whatever it is you are focusing on. If you can choose to focus on things that make you feel unfulfilled, unhappy, incomplete, and dissatisfied, you can choose to focus on something else that will give you the peace you want. Instead of focusing on how much money you need or how someone hurt you in the past, you can choose to focus on something that is sure to give you peace. You can choose to focus on Heaven.

Heaven is what it is because of daily contact with God

If you ever want stillness, peace, fulfillment, and a feeling of completion, you only need to focus on Heaven. Heaven is as much a Biblical place as a mental space and a spiritual state. By focusing on the real value of Heaven, being in close contact with God, you will be filled with the assets you need to weather any storm and live your life with a lot of love in your heart and a spring in your step. As the Bible teaches, whatever we choose to behold eventually changes us. By focusing on Heaven, we are allowing ourselves to be changed by God’s grace which fills Heaven. This grace and power can see us through any situation. This grace and love can fill us with God’s presence so that we can live fulfilling lives full of peace. Focusing on Heaven and the ultimate reward of standing face to face with God will make all the world’s temptations pale in comparison. You are changed by what you behold. Will you choose to think of Heaven today?

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