Martin Luther Quote – 5 Ways Prayer Protects You

“Prayer is a strong wall and fortress of the church; it is a godly Christian weapon. “

– Martin Luther

Devotional: 5 Ways Prayer Protects You

Prayers are a very powerful source of protection. Here is an explanation of five ways you can use prayer to get God’s protection:

God Loves Hearing from His Children

If you don’t pray, you are not reaching out to God. It’s the same as failing to pick up the phone to call your mom and dad. When you pray you get a direct line to God and God loves hearing from his children. You are only as far from God as you want to be because God always sees you. Not only that, he listens and he can hear what you’re thinking. That’s how in touch God is with all of us. But we create a “distance” when we don’t reach out. Decide to pray today because God loves hearing from you. Just like a parent who hears from his children, he is willing to send help when you reach out.

Prayer Taps into God’s Protective Power

Above all else, God is love and being motivated by love a parent is always protective. God is our father and his essence is love, so he is a loving father. Pretty logical, pretty straightforward and so the next statement is not a logical leap. God is a protective father because he loves us. Tap into this truth by praying to him today.

Real Prayer is Part of Abiding in Christ

You really can’t call yourself a Christian if you don’t abide in Christ. To truly abide in Christ, you have to pray. Prayer is that connection that we have with the Lord. And even if we don’t say anything, we are abiding in Christ because we are opening our minds to his communication. When we let God communicate to us, He is present in us and his protection is also present. God’s presence and his protection go hand in hand.

Prayers Strengthen Faith

The world is full of challenges and disappointment and it can be a very harsh place. Instead of going at it alone and letting the world wear you down, pray to Jesus. Communicate with Him because He himself said that He has overcome the world. If you believe that the Bible is truth, then you believe that Jesus has overcome the world. And if you abide in him, you can overcome the world as well. The way you do this of course, is through faith and prayer strengthens faith.

Prayer Changes your Perception and Character

The more you pray the more God works on you and the more He changes you. This takes the primary form of faith. You’d be surprised how different the world looks when you look at it from the eyes of faith. You’d be surprised as to what you’re capable of if you live life in faith. That’s how powerful faith is. That’s why God’s enemies hate faith because it makes the impossible possible. If you’re looking for protection that’s the kind of power you need, and you can unlock it through faith.

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