Lee Robertson Quote – 6 Ways the Bible can Enrich Your Life

“If you are a child of God, know that every promise in the Bible is yours. The Bible is a gold mine, waiting for someone to take out its riches.”

– Lee Robertson

Devotional: 6 Ways the Bible can Enrich Your Life

There are many ways to look at the Bible. It’s easy to look at it as this book that you take with you to church every Sunday. Other people look at the Bible as a home decor that looks great on a bookshelf. While even others look at it as some sort of collection of magical incantations that can make certain things happen. There are many ways to look at the Bible but the reality is that it often times is not looked at the proper way. The Bible can truly enrich your life. Here are the six ways the Bible can add richness and meaning to your life:

The Bible Gives Peace

We live in a world where it can be easy to get ahead of ourselves and be overcome by worries. Reading the Bible and understanding what the stories and teachings mean can give us peace. All the Bible stories point to Jesus Christ as being the embodiment of God’s love for humanity.

The Good Word Gives Direction

If you are unclear about a particular direction the Bible can give you, you only have to open your mind to it. You have to remember that the Bible is God’s love letter to the world and many of the teachings in the Bible were written to give direction to God’s people at one point in their lives. These directions are still valid today.

The Gospel Offers a Correction

This is the part where many Christians tend to shy away from. But let’s face it, not everything that we do is in accordance with God’s word and God doesn’t approve of everything we do. By opening our minds to the Gospel we can get the correction that we need so that our lives can fully reflect God’s love and his justice.

God’s Love Letter Motivates

If you’re feeling down or a failure seems to be haunting you, reading the stories in the Bible can help be a great motivatition. You have to remember that in many cases, God doesn’t pick the winners. He often picks life’s losers and turns them into winners because of their relationship with Him. If He can do that with those people, He can do the same with you.

The Holy Word Gives the World Meaning

When it feels like one day just bleeds into the next day, we can lose sight of the meaning in our life. But if you read God’s word, you will continue to see that there is a point to everything, and it all points to Jesus Christ. This direction and culmination can help make you feel that life has a purpose, and it gives you a renewed sense of possibility. When you have a sense of direction, things become possible again.

God’s Letters Reassure

Most of the books of the Bible include reassurances because they were written when the church was going through challenges. When you read God’s letters not only do they correct you, but they also reassure you that there is a way. You only need to trust and believe in Him and He will show you the way.


The Bible can enrich your life by helping you tap into the power of God to give peace, direction, correction, motivation, assurance, and meaning. Are you ready to tap into this power today?

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