Kirk Cameron Quote – 5 Ways You’re Evangelizing Without Even Knowing It

“If you had the cure to cancer wouldn’t you share it? … You have the cure to death … get out there and share it.”

– Kirk Cameron

Devotional: 5 Ways You’re Evangelizing Without Even Knowing It

As Christians, we are tasked by Jesus Christ Himself to spread the word about the gospel. Every Christian, young and old, from all walks of life, and from all corners of the globe are commissioned to do so. Evangelism is one of the core aspects of Christianity and from Kirk Cameron’s quote you can see the urgency of evangelism to the Christian.

If you’re a Christian and you have truly accepted Christ as your lord and savior, evangelism should be on your mind. You should be focusing on how you can spread the word. The good news is that you’re already evangelizing without even knowing it. There are certain things that you are doing on an unconscious or subconscious level that spreads the word about Christ. The reality is that people are easier to persuade with actions than words. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of how they’re evangelizing. Keep the following in mind:

Tip #1: When you talk about other people, you are evangelizing

Whenever you’re talking about other people, you are evangelizing. Sadly, you’re not always evangelizing for Christ. When you talk behind people’s back and you judge, condemn, criticize, or gossip about them, you’re evangelizing for the enemy of Jesus.

Tip #2: When you forgive people who hurt you, you are evangelizing

One of the most powerful ways you can evangelize in your personal life regarding the saving power and almighty grace of Jesus Christ is to forgive people. In fact, the more you forgive people who truly hurt you or hate you, the stronger your evangelism. It’s easy to say you love people when you’re loving people who love you back. However, it is a true mark of Christian conversion when you are able to love people who’d love to kill you.

When you are able to love your enemies, it stands out. When you’re able to love only people who love you back, that doesn’t stand out. Why? Because everybody’s doing that. Be the one that stands out for Jesus. Evangelize by forgiving people who have hurt you in the past or who continue to hate you at the present time.

Tip #3: When you respond successfully to temptation, you are evangelizing

It may seem weird, but when you are struggling with temptation or addiction, it is an opportunity to evangelize. Why? The way you respond to temptation tells people volumes about the saving power of Jesus Christ. Let’s face it, people who do not have a relationship with Christ have a harder time resisting temptation. It’s very easy to fall into temptation when you cannot tap into the power and the holiness that Christ brings to the table.

You cannot resist the devil on your own. You have no such power. You will lose every single time. You can only resist the devil and make him flee if you tap into the power of Christ. As the apostle Paul writes in Philippians, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” That includes resisting temptation again and again. When people see you successfully overcome temptation, your testimony about Jesus rings true and people are attracted to the source of your power.

Tip #4: When you keep your word, you are evangelizing

When you do simple things like keeping your promises and meaning what you say and saying what you mean, you are evangelizing. People see Christ-like character in you when they see you live a life of integrity. When you refuse to lie, refuse to take short cuts, or refuse to compromise, it shows that you have integrity. It shows that you’re living life out of principle.

It’s very rare to find somebody who will always do the right thing every single time, even if it costs that person a lot. Be that person. That is very powerful, practical evangelism.

Tip #5: When you perform your responsibilities, you are evangelizing

When you are simply doing your responsibilities, you are evangelizing for Christ. For example, when you do your job as a father and you provide for your family and you are loyal and faithful to your wife, you are evangelizing to your family. When you support your children by being there for them and providing them the emotional as well as financial support they need, you are evangelizing for Christ.


The good news about evangelism is that you don’t have to go to a street corner and preach. You don’t have to hop on a boat to the other side of the planet and become a missionary. You can evangelize in your daily life. You can evangelize to your friends, to your classmates, to your co-workers, to everyone around you by simply living your life according to what Jesus wants.

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