John Piper Quote – Presence of Hope

“The presence of hope in the invincible sovereignty of God drives out fear.”

– John Piper

John Piper Presence of Hope Quote Commentary

The John Piper quote above says that we have nothing to fear when we believe in God. The reason for this is because God is love. As said in First John, love drives out fear. The overwhelming love that God embodies drives out all fear. When we place our trust in God, He enables us to live without fear. Why? Because his love guides. Love transforms. Love overwhelms and restores. Love heals. It is easy to fear when you see loss. It is easy to feel apprehensive when you see hurt, damage, new wounds, and pain. These are precisely the things that love does away with. Love heals hurts. Love makes visible and invisible wounds heal. Love provides comfort and confidence so there is nothing to fear. By taking away the sting and pain of loss, love gives us power to move forward gain. God is love. This is why we become invincible when we abide in Jesus.

The world’s vulnerability

When we rely on ourselves, we are always fearful. We are always worried about what we might lose. We are afraid of rejection. We are afraid of abandonment. We live out the vulnerability of the world. A world where some gain while others lose. A world where others have to lose out for some others to get ahead. By overthrowing all this and placing our trust in God instead, we lose the world’s vulnerability and put on God’s invincibility. Cloaked with God’s love, we are able to feel joy when the world says there’s nothing to be joyful about. With God’s love sustaining us and leading us forth like the Israelites through the wilderness being led by the pillar of fire at night, we don’t have to fear. Fear, confusion, and doubt are intertwined and they all base their power from the absence of love.

Love gives confidence

God’s love doesn’t depend on it being returned. It has power all on its own. It doesn’t depend on what other people think. It doesn’t get its power from people returning it. Instead, it gives and gives and gives. When claim this love and we are able to show the same capacity, no principalities and powers can get in our way. Our love overcomes all because Jesus overcame all and sacrificed all just to bring reconciliation to us. Isn’t it time you claimed this love in your personal life? Isn’t it time to gain confidence from God’s unquenchable love?

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