John of Kronstadt Quote – 4 Interesting Comparisons of How we are Like Gold in God’s Eyes

“Our faith, trust, and love are proved and revealed in adversities, that is, in difficult and grievous outward and inward circumstances, during sickness, sorrow, and privations.”

– John of Kronstadt

Devotional: 4 Interesting Comparisons of How we are Like Gold in God’s Eyes

If you believe, trust and love God, you have to let Him treat you like a piece of gold. This might sound great and everything but there’s more to it than you think. We are all valuable in God’s eyes. We are so precious to Him that He gave everything He had in the form of His only begotten Son so that we can be reconciled to Him. That’s how much God loves us. We are worth more than gold to God.

Our faith and trust in God is often highlighted based on how we deal with adversities and challenges in our life. If you believe that you are a piece of gold in God’s eyes, then you can see how these trials and challenges play out in your journey of faith. Here are some of the ways you are a piece of gold in God’s eyes:

Gold ore needs to be crushed

For gold to be refined, gold ore must first be crushed. In the Christian experience, this means that our old attachments must give way for the new Christian person inside us to be born. This isn’t always painless. Challenges in our lives work the best in giving us the opportunity to decide to turn our backs on our old lives. A true mark of a reborn Christian is when we love things that we used to hate and hate things that we used to love. That is the mark of a new life.

Gold ore can only be purified by fire

Just as gold ore needs to be crushed to start the smelting process, gold ore also needs to be purified by fire. In practical terms, this means that while it’s easy to say that you’re a Christian, the heat of life’s trials is what gives truth to your Christan profession of faith. Let’s face it, anybody can say they’re a Christian, however, how they deal with the heat and pain of trials and challenges truly reveals your Christian character.

Whenever we are going through problems, we are always given an opportunity to choose Christ and trust in Him fully, even when the answer or solution seems distant or non-existent.

Gold might get covered by grime but it’s still gold

Just like a gold coin can look really dirty after a while or can get covered by all sorts of filth, it’s still a gold coin. In other words, if you wipe away the tough covering of the gold coin, you can get a lot of money for it because it’s still gold. In the same way, God sees your value despite your sins.

He loves you and you are His child. You may have lived your life against God’s commands or lived a sinful life, but it doesn’t matter. He loves you and He’s always able to view you separate from your sin. You do not become your sin in His eyes and become worthless. Just like grime or dirt-covered gold is still gold, a sinful child of God is still a child of God.

Gold is highly conductive

Another way Christians are like gold is in regards to our mission to witness. Gold is highly conductive and it transmits electricity very efficiently. In the same way, Christians are ready, willing, and able to share the good word regarding our God’s redemptive power. They don’t receive and fail to give back or transmit the good news.


If you’re ever feeling down or if you’re ever feeling lost and confused regarding your Christian walk, always remember that you are a piece of gold in God’s eyes. Your life as a Christian shares many qualities with gold. Keep the discussion above in mind to remind yourself how much God loves you and what God’s plan for you is.

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