John Newton Quote – 3 Bible Facts about God’s Speed Every Christian Should be Aware Of

“God works powerfully, but for the most part gently and gradually.”

– John Newton

Devotional: 3 Bible Facts about God’s Speed Every Christian Should be Aware Of

Let’s get one thing clear: we exist for God, not the other way around. We were put on this earth to give Him glory and honor. Not just with our words or intellectual musings but with the fruit our lives produce. God doesn’t exist to meet our needs. While He is a kind, gentle, and loving Father that does work to supply our needs based on His grace, everything plays out according to His plan. This includes his time table. Don’t expect God to rush to take care of your needs based on your timeline. You might only be praying to be disappointed. Here are the reasons why.

God has His own Schedule

The Bible says God’s ways are His ways, and our ways are our own. Don’t get the two confused. Just as we have our own way of doing things, God has His. This extends to the timeline He chooses to follow. One of the clearest examples of this was when Martha and Mary Magdalene sent word to Jesus that their brother, Lazarus, was dying. Even though Lazarus was one of Jesus’ closest friends, instead of rushing to where he was, Jesus took his time. By the time Jesus arrived, Lazarus has been dead several days. Regardless, Jesus brought him back to life.

Think about the resurrection of Lazarus next time you think God is taking His time answering your answers. The timing is deliberate. Just like with Lazarus, by answering a prayer at the last minute, God made clear His power and, most importantly, the importance of trusting in Him alone.

God has His own Priorities

While it would be nice to have all our problems cleared away, getting rid of everything that challenges us might not necessary fit Christ’s plan for us. Christ’s plan, above all else, is for us to spend Eternity with Him. Our salvation is Christ’s highest priority. Our prayers should reflect this as well. Otherwise, we need to get used to the idea of waiting because God puts ‘first things, first.’ Your salvation comes first.

God Shows His Works His own Way

The problem with a lot of our ‘frustrated prayers’ is we expect God to answer our problems our way. We have a fixed expectation as to what our answered prayers should look like. However, the Bible shows that God often blesses using processes and ways we might not expect or even like.

One of the most powerful examples of this was when Joseph was sold into Egypt as a slave. He could have wasted his time being angry or crying out ‘Why me, God?!’ Instead, he trusted in God and God never left his side. He was sold as a slave, but became the top steward in his master’s home. Unjustly accused, he was thrown in jail, but he became second in command next only to the warden. A foreigner in Egypt, God still made him second in command next only to Pharaoh. God blesses us always. We only need to see that sometimes the blessing takes the form of a challenge or even a seeming curse.

Closing Prayer

Lord, please help me appreciate your timeline based on your terms. Please help me realize that you are already blessing me through whatever challenges I am going through. Send the Holy Spirit into my heart and mind so I can claim the victory and wisdom in my daily struggles. Forgive me for my impatience and help me trust in You more. Amen.

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