Jerry Bridges Quote – 4 Reasons Christians Shouldn’t Have Low Self-Esteem

“No detail of your life is too insignificant for your heavenly Father’s attention”

– Jerry Bridges

Devotional: 4 Reasons Christians Shouldn’t Have Low Self-Esteem

There are so many disappointments in life that it can be easy to let it get you down. Life can hand us so many failures and we can reach a point where we feel nothing good can happen. But if you are unclear how valuable you are in God’s eyes, you only need to ponder Jerry Bridges’ quote above. That’s how important you are in God’s eyes. Here are five reasons Christians shouldn’t have low self-esteem.

We Have a Father That Gave Us Everything

If you are thinking you are worthless or you really are just another face in the crowd, and you don’t really matter, think about this fact: God gave everything for you. Seriously, he did. What did God give up? He gave himself up. God the father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ are one person. When Jesus Christ died for you, God the father died for you. He gave everything for you. And if you were the only person on Earth, He still would have died for you. That’s how important you are.

We Have a Father That Loves So Much He Sacrificed Everything

If you have a child, you know how important he/she is. Your child is your world. But God loved us so much that he sacrificed everything that he had to give us a chance to be reconciled with him. If you are that important, for God to give up Jesus for you, then you really have no reason to feel that you have no value. You are priceless.

We Are Loved by the Creator of Everything

Now that you have a clear idea of all the things that God is willing to give up for you, you can see things at a proper context. If the creator of the universe is willing to go through all that bother and trouble just to have a relationship with you, you can’t be meaningless or worthless. I hope this is clear.

God Respects Us So Much He Lets the History of Sin Unfold

A very powerful testimony to the value that God places on us is the fact that lets the history of sin unfold. That’s how important our choice is to him. Because let’s face it, if God was going to slap your hand every time you make the wrong decision, you really don’t have any choice and there really is no love in that relationship because love without choice is not real love. Respect is manifested in choice. So God respects us and loves us enough that he allows us to have choice and the history of sin unfolded because we chose sin. That’s how much love and respect God has for us.


Keep the four reasons above in mind if you are feeling down. If you ever feel that you are the low person on the totem pole or if you feel really small, ponder the things above to put things in proper perspective.

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