Jerry Bridges Quote – 3 Signs You Haven’t Surrendered Your Life Completely to God

“No circumstance is so big that He cannot control it.”

– Jerry Bridges

Devotional: 3 Signs You Haven’t Surrendered Your Life Completely to God

Christianity is rooted in, no surprises here, Jesus Christ. This doesn’t mean simply ‘relabeling’ yourself as a Christian. Consuming Christian products and hanging out mostly with other Christians aren’t going to cut it either. Real Christianity is all about having a real living relationship with the one who is supposed to be the center of your life, Jesus Christ. Real Christianity is all about fully surrendering yourself to God.

To find out if you actually have a walk with Christ or have made him the core of your existence, keep the following three signs in mind. They suggest that you haven’t completely surrendered your life to God.

Sign #3: You Worry a Lot

Surrendering to Christ means leaning on His strength and depending on Him moment by moment. When you worry, you take your mind off God’s ability to give you the strength and power to overcome your circumstances. You then tend to be overwhelmed by the size of your challenges instead of realizing how truly awesome and powerful your God is. Worry is the opposite of faith. Lean on Christ more and depend less on your own understanding.

Sign #2: All Your Prayers are About Your Needs

Real relationships involve two-way communications. This isn’t happening when all your prayers are about your needs, problems, and concerns. It’s only you doing the talking. God, being a gentleman, isn’t going to talk over you. He’s just sitting there waiting for His turn to talk. You never give him a chance. Be still. Know that Jesus is God and wait for that little small voice. This may not be an actual voice but wait for the inspiration that comes from Him. He always listens and responds to His children, but only if we gave Him the chance to talk and we give ourselves the time and space to listen.

Sign #1: You Keep Asking God to Explain Himself

Things happen. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in ourselves that we feel entitled. We feel entitled to a fair world. We feel entitled to expecting certain results. Obviously, this is far from the case so many of us double back and ask God ‘why?’ We ask ‘why me?’ God is powerful partly because He is accountable to no man. He doesn’t owe you anything. Be at peace with this reality.

God has His ways and the universe has its ways. It’s much easier to understand the universe than to truly plumb the depths of God’s mind. This is where trust and love come in. We just have to trust Him that he has our very best interest in mind. If you keep second guessing God’s motivations in your life, this is a sign that you’re lacking faith and trust.

Parting Thoughts

Jesus wants a real relationship. Real relationships require trust, two-way communications, and a lot of faith. They are also challenged. That’s how they grow. Are you ready to have a real relationship with Jesus today? Do you wish to continue to bow down to the lifeless, powerless idol of God you’ve made in your mind, an image based on your needs and priorities?

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